Five move from Norfolk to Hampshire

At the end of 2019, Mummy sold her house in Norfolk, and bought one in Hampshire. It wasn’t quite ready to move into, and the nice lady who bought the Norfolk house said we could stay there till we were ready to move.

April grass

I’m Bertie, and together with Roscoe, we brought you all the news of how it happened. You can look back in the blog to follow the story through, starting around September 2019 when we had a holiday in Hampshire that wasn’t like the previous visits. You can click forward from there. But Roscoe and I decided to list the critical ones from when we actually had to start moving, in case you ever have to go through this.

Dec 9 ‘We may be on holiday next week‘: In which Mummy prepares us for some changes.

Dec 23 ‘Mummy has a bright red snugglesac‘: In which we have a trip to the new house and Mummy sleeps on the floor next to us.

Jan 13 ‘They’re making a hole in our wall!‘: in which Mummy leaves us plenty of food and tells us all about the nasty noises and smells

Feb 3 ‘All cosy in Hampshire‘: In which Mummy makes funny smells and Roscoe and I explore the new house.

Feb 10: ‘Run or Cage? That is my question‘: In which we discuss the plans Mummy has for our new cage set-up.

Feb 17 ‘Mummy hasn’t come home!‘: in which I get all worried, but Roscoe knows all the answers

Feb 24 ‘ Lots of Visitors‘: in which Roscoe tells you who came to look after us, and the plans for next week

Mar 2 ‘This is nice 🙂‘: in which Mummy takes us to Hampshire, but finds it isn’t quite what she expected

Mar 9 ‘It’s all coming together, apparently‘: in which we settle in to life in Hampshire, but still in our temporary cages

Mar 16 ‘Lots of funny things going on‘: in which the grass is taken away and put back again, but other things are not what Mummy expected

Mar 23 ‘ What a week that was!‘: in which Mummy gets very very tired, and we get shut in the bathroom for the day

Mar 30 ‘I’m having loads of fun!‘: in which I explain what’s happening now that we’re officially Hampshire pigs!

April 20 ‘Our palace is finished‘: in which Roscoe explains how Mummy put our new run together, and gives you a view of the garden.