George’s Hello

I’m George.  I’m a guinea pig.

George at breakfast
Here I am demonstrating how to use a food bowl.  You put the food in it, and I eat it.  I was going to say “Simple” but I thought that would sound like that Meerkat chap.

I have a lot of friends on the Guinea Pigs Rodents With Attitude forum, and they wanted me to write more of my stories.  So this is what is going to happen here.  Please be patient though as it’s quite hard typing if the pc doesnt have GPS (guinea pig sound software).

I write like
Arthur Conan Doyle

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

Guinea Pigs - Rodents with Attitude

16 thoughts on “George’s Hello

  1. witchwoopiggy

    hi George its great to be able to follow your stories, and I must say you look very dashing with your bowl 🙂 say hi to Fred for me xxxxx


  2. Lady Snailspace

    I can’t wait to re-read your previous works, and I look forward very much to reading your adventures to come 🙂

    Thanks George, you’re a star! That’s the picture of you that I have on my desktop 😉 xxxx


  3. georgiepig

    I’ve just set up a new account with WordPress and I hope it will allow me to post on here under my own name. We’ll see if it works.


  4. georgiepig

    I’m just going to ask Mummy to change the Christmas theme to something more fitting for the New Year, but thank you all for your greetings and I’ll make sure the Christmas pictures stay somewhere 🙂


  5. Pixsnapper

    Dear George,
    I just stopped in to look around a bit.
    I really love it here and will be back on a regular basis.
    Your stories brighten up my day.



  6. You may be aware (and the information is on the blog somewhere) that Georgiepig left us in May 2011 to go to the Rainbow Bridge, or to Saturn, or wherever guinea pigs and other ‘pets’ go when they leave this world. His brother Fred has agreed to keep the blog going, and after some discussion, we’ve decided to leave George’s introduction here. It’s still George’s Guinea Pig World, after all.


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