2. The Princelings and the Pirates

The_Princelings_and_the_Pirates__Final mk2Book 2 in the saga of the Princelings of the East.

Fred and George set out to discover why the wine hasn’t been delivered, and get captured by pirates.  Fred meets his true love and George gets more than he bargained for!

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  • In which we meet Princess Kira and she meets disaster with equanimity

Chapter 1: A Case of Wine

  • In which we discover more about Castle Buckmore and Prince Lupin has more than one problem

Chapter 2: Fortune Favours the Brave

  • In which Fred and George take the Fortune-Dimerie Line

Chapter 3: The Golden Guinea and the Mare Swine

  • In which Fred and George find their sea legs and Victor has to walk the plank

Chapter 4: Shipwrecked

  • In which George plots his course and Fred goes flying

Chapter 5: Castle Marsh

  • In which Fred meets two members of royalty and George gains three companions

Chapter 6: The best laid plans

  • In which Fred and George find something nasty near the woodshed

Chapter 7: Castle Fortune

  • In which George becomes a code-breaker and Fred asks questions

Chapter 8: All Washed Up

  • In which Victor and Young Harry have an adventure all of their own

Chapter 9: Dungeons and Rumours

  • In which Fred and George rescue an old friend and a riddle is solved

Chapter 10: The Battle

  • In which Fred and George are overwhelmed by events

Chapter 11: Aftermath

  • In which Fred returns to Castle Fortune and Lupin meets his future bride

Chapter 12: The Line of Succession

  • In which Fred has a good talk to Lupin and George has a headache

Chapter 13: Epilogue

  • In which Fred and George look forward to a happy new year

The Princelings and the Pirates is copyright (c) Pett Projects 2009-12.

Any reference or similarities to works or characters by any other authors is intended as a tribute not as plagiarism, or is entirely accidental.  In particular thanks to WS Gilbert for the line introducing the Pirate King, to Bernard Cornwell for the 95th Company, which has been changed to the 25th, being the obvious place to put Haggis and his friend Neeps, and to everyone who has ever written a story about pirates, including those in the Caribbean.  I mean, where else would pirates go to ply their trade?

I would like to thank my friend Julie for the inspiration about George’s injury, and hope she has an even speedier recovery than he is going to.

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