Thank you for helping us raise lots of money

Way-aye, Roscoe here.

George’s Anniversary Fundraiser finished last night, and there might be some last minute donations, but Mam says we’ve raised nearly £150, which is great news. Thank you all for your support and for sharing it with your friends.

George's anniversary banner

Most of you entered the Giveaway, but not all. But that’s finished now, and Mam will be posting the name of the winner in the comments below. She likes to contact them first, to find out where to send the prize, so watch out for an email from her.

We had a bit of a surprise last week. Bertie won a rosette!

It all happened because Mam had seen an online guinea pig show for pet classes (not posh breeds), and it was for charity, too. So she entered pictures of us in lots of the classes. Bertie won second prize for Best Action Picture with this one!

Bertie loves lavender

And now we have a most enormous and beautiful blue and white and gold rosette hanging on the cage between Biggles and us. Well, done Bertie.

Yesterday was Princelings day (Fred and George’s birthday) and we spent a lot of it in the garden. I sat around most of the time enjoying the sunshine and the shade and the wind in the grass and the birds singing. You can see in the picture, Mam’s making hay for us again. And in the veg bed furthest from us, she planted lettuce and fennel she’s been growing for us from seed.

Neville came and joined me for some of the time. He’s not feeling so well himself at the moment, and Mam’s taking him to Dr Rebekah for an xray on Thursday in case it’s his heart too. Biggles is so much better on his heart medicine that maybe we should all have it. I’ll go with Neville if I’m feeling up to it. We both went to see her on Friday which is when she decided he needed an xray.

The trouble is, Nev and I are both getting old. We’ll have been with Mam for four years in August, and we were more than two years old then. Mam thinks now I might even have been three. That makes me nearly seven. Well, I knew I was more than six and a half.

So, I think it’s time I retired. I’ve enjoyed doing the blog for you, and making sure the Facebook page is looked after too. But it’s time to hand over to Biggles, and he can work out who can be his understudy when he’s ready.

So this will be my last post for you. I’ve enjoyed it. Even the moving bit. I’m glad you can read all about that on here. And all the other posts too. I’ll still be thinking to all the people who rely on me thinking to you (that means you). Look after Biggles and his successors. I’m proud to have followed in George’s footsteps. He was a legend.

Love to you especially, always



3 thoughts on “Thank you for helping us raise lots of money

  1. Victoria Zigler

    It’s really warm here too. I don’t like it.

    Glad you raised so much for the fundraiser. And that’s really great about Bertie’s photo winning the contest.

    I’m glad we’ll still be able to know how you’re doing, and it’s not really goodbye from you. I hope it’s going to be a long time before you and Neville cross the rainbow bridge, but I understand why you’re ready for retirement. I’m going to be six this year, but for a chinchilla that’s still fairly young (we usually live somewhere around 10 to 15 years, assuming we stay healthy, but can live up to 25 in rare cases).

    Squeak soon,

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