All By Myself… again

Way-aye, Roscoe here again.

That Bertie told you the news last week: I’m all by myself again.

To tell the truth, it’s not bad. I can sit beside Neville’s run, and chew on the bars a bit if I want a chat. Most times he comes over. Sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes he comes and sits by the bars when I’m doing something else, so if I’m too busy I ignore him.

I noticed yesterday, no Saturday, he and Biggles got a clean underpad. Normally we get an underpad and new fleece at the same time, about every five days, although Mam does change those disposable pads more often. I wonder if Mam’s realised that it’s Neville who’s been weeing a lot, not me. I know she took us both to see Dr Sally after Christmas, because she was worried one of us had something the matter, but Dr Sally couldn’t see anything obvious. I quite like seeing Dr Sally. After she’s had a good feel of my tummy, which is a bit uncomfortable sometimes, she gives me a cuddle, which makes up for it.

So anyway, Mam’s worked out what needs doing, my feet are getting better because I keep my fleece drier, and Biggles and Neville are getting to stay drier with the extra pad change.

Bertie’s his usual self. Although Mam’s a bit disappointed with him, as he’s taken to nipping her cheek when he’s on her shoulder at cucumber time, if he wants more or wants to go for a run. She told him off severely yesterday. A lot of good that’ll do, Mam!

We’re waiting to find out if we’re going to Hampshire next weekend. Mam wants to go, but if she’s going for a few nights she’ll take us with her and have a little holiday too. Or do some decorating. She says the wifi should be working on Saturday, so we might be able to blog.

Bertie was all worried we wouldn’t be able to blog and remind you it’s his birthday the following Friday. Biggles and Bertie will be THREE years old. Doesn’t time fly? Mam thinks I’m five now, and Neville four, but Neville might be the same as me, she doesn’t know. Neither do I, I never thought age was important.

Anyway, Mam says we’ll be back here for a birthday party that weekend, so there’ll be pictures next time I blog ūüôā

See you then, have a good week. January is nearly over, and the afternoons stay lighter longer. Mam didn’t put our light on till 4 pm yesterday!



It’s my birthday on Thursday

Hi there, Bertie here. ¬†It’s my birthday on Thursday! ¬†I’ll be two years old. ¬†Biggles will be two, too. ¬†Mummy says we can have a party in the living room again. I like parties. ¬†We had a great time last year.

But now I feel sad, because last year I was with Midge and Percy having a good time.  Mummy says they were some of her favourite pictures of the year, the three of us gathered around my cake.

But this year we might all get together if I promise not to argue with Biggles. ¬†Or Roscoe. ¬†Roscoe and I have been having chats through our cages, and also chats on the floor in the kitchen when we change over. ¬†But only short ones. ¬†It’s because Roscoe’s older than me and doesn’t agree that I’m in charge. We have a conversation about it and then I try to put my foot down and Mummy steps in and picks one of other of us up before we can get cross with each other. ¬†She wouldn’t need to do that if Roscoe would only agree with me.

On the diet front, we all lost weight this week except for Biggles. ¬†Mummy’s very pleased with us. ¬†We’re very pleased with Mummy, too, although she said she had a bad day yesterday. ¬†If we doled out her food for her, she wouldn’t be able to help herself to other things. ¬†That’s her problem, really.

Have a nice week and hopefully we’ll have some new party pictures for you next time.


Bertie (aged 1) xxx

Victor would have been nine years old today

Kevin reporting today, since I knew Victor.  He was a grand old man when I arrived, although then he was only four.  He lived till he was six and one-quarter, or thereabouts, and he was the friendliest and most amiable guy you could imagine.  Humphrey was friendly too, but a little more reserved.

Victor's 6th birthday
Victor’s 6th birthday

I suppose I may have met him on the floor in the kitchen beforehand, but I always remember the day of the Queen’s Jubilee [in 2012], when we had a party in the garden, all seven of us – Victor, Humphrey, Hector, Dylan, Dougall, Colman and me.

Our party in the park arena
Our party in the park arena

The Jubilee Seven
The Jubilee Seven

Those were the days!

There are lots of posts written by him on here – you can click his photo in the ‘Authors’ at the bottom, and read more of his wise words and reportage.

In other domestic news: Mummy washed my tent the other day and the wire on the base broke, but she says it’ll be okay for sitting in until the better weather comes. ¬†I wonder if that means she’ll get me a new one, or whether she’s got another hanging around not being used? ¬†She also mixed in some new stuff called ‘muesli’ with my pellets. ¬†She said Victor liked it, and she thought I might too. ¬†Such a kind Mummy ‚̧

Yesterday was Dylan and Dougall’s birthday

Well, it would have been if they’d made it this far. ¬†I think Mummy is only just getting over the shock of Dylan dying, eight¬†weeks after Dougall did. ¬†I guess he just couldn’t live without him, even though you’d have thought that Dylan was so outgoing and into everything (and everyone) that he’d be okay.

Anyway, here to cheer Mummy up are some happy memories.

Kevin had a birthday

I’m sorry I wasn’t here last week. ¬†We had a birthday party for Kevin’s official birthday. ¬†He was six years old. ¬†He had cake with six candles on it, and six pieces of strawberry. ¬†He said it was very nice, and when Mummy took the candles away he asked her to share his cake with us. ¬†I didn’t like the strawberry thing. ¬†I didn’t like it when Mummy gave it to us earlier in the summer, and I still don’t like it. ¬†Mummy gives us lots of strange things I never had at my old home, and not enough cabbage, in my opinion. ¬†She tried something new this week, called corn cob husks, which the others loved but I thought they were boring. ¬†We only get these in September, apparently. ¬†Kevin tells me these things. ¬†He says he’s trying to pass on the wisdom of those who have passed it to him. ¬†Sometimes I wonder if he’s making it up, but he seems to eat all his corn husks and a lot of the fruit, too.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Kevin and his cake, and also a funny animal which was on the leaf above Kevin’s run. ¬†It’s called an Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar. ¬†It was nearly as big as me. ¬†Well, no, but it was the size of Mummy’s fingers.


Oscar and Midge are two years old

Oscar and Midge had a birthday on Saturday. ¬†It was very exciting, because a new lady came, I hadn’t met her before. ¬†Everyone else had, and she knew everyone who’s ever been here. ¬†Auntie Vikki. ¬†She tickled my nose and my head but I felt that was enough on first meeting and moved away before she tried the full body cuddle. ¬†Maybe next time.

Then she and Mummy went and sat outside with Oscar and Midge. ¬†They got lots of cuddles, and they don’t often go out at the same time, so they must have been on best behaviour. ¬†Vikki gave them a card and some presents. ¬†We had some of the present for breakfast next day. ¬†It was okay. ¬†A breakfast cookie. ¬†Mummy says there’s two more, each, with different flavours. ¬†That’s good, I wasn’t excited by the flavour of the one we had yesterday.

We also had birthday cake in the garden in the afternoon. ¬†That was great!!! ¬†I loved birthday cake. ¬†Mummy took photos of us, then took the candles off the cake and we just enjoyed it while we had a run on the grass. ¬†I enjoyed the cake very, very much. ¬†Kevin got a bit stroppy with me at one point. ¬†I don’t know what he was fussed about, just because I’d taken over his tent and ate more of the cake than anyone else.

We all got presents for Oscar and Midge’s birthday – new cagewear. ¬†Oscar inherited George’s hammock, which I never worked out how to use; I got a new bed, which I’ve tried out and it’s very comfortable; Kevin got a new snugglesack which he says is ace, and Midge got a new tunnel which he likes so much he doesn’t want to leave. ¬†¬†He also got a rosette for the Piggy of the Month photo, but I’ll talk about that next week.

It was a very busy weekend, and I need a rest, but I have to wish our American friends a Happy Independence Day.  I hope you enjoy it.