Abandoned with just a carrot

We had a terrible day today.  Mummy came downstairs early in a terrible rush, threw a carrot, two lettuce leaves and some bits of celery in each of our cages and ran out of the door just calling out ‘Bye Boys, be back this evening!”

Well, what sort of greeting is that?  Where’s the cuddle, the “Hello Georgie boy how are you this morning? Did you sleep well? Let’s have a cuddle.”  Followed by a nice clean cage, some fresh veg from the garden, neatly sliced carrot, celery and cucumber.  Where was our fresh water?  And what about the huge pile of hay and the hayrack stocked up as well? Continue reading “Abandoned with just a carrot”

Mummy multi-tasks too!

I know mummy often multi-tasks but usually in the morning she has a set routine and today she changed it a bit.

When she came down the first thing she did was look in her book and take things out of cupboards and weigh things and put them in the stirring machine in the cupboard.  I call it a stirring machine.  It makes something that smells nice and mummy eats, called bread.  But she wasnt making bread, because she does that using a jug not a weighing machine.  Continue reading “Mummy multi-tasks too!”


I’m afraid I’m much too busy to spend time on-line at present, but I thought I’d better come and apologise to you.  Mummy has started putting us out in the garden again and the grass is growing very fast even though we don’t seem to be having any rain to help it along.  But it isn’t dry enough for us to walk on till about midday at the earliest even so, and often mummy goes out in the morning so we don’t get out till quite late in the afternoon.  That didn’t happen today though, we were out before lunchtime 🙂 Continue reading “Multi-tasking”

Census night

Tomorrow is the night that everyone in the UK has to fill in their census forms.  The census is a government count of all the people in the country.  It gives us all the statistics we need to count how many schools and roads and things we need and also in lots of years’ time your great grandchildren will be able to do their ancestry trees by looking you up on it.  Mummy said we weren’t included on it.  She thought about including us on it but decided not to.

So I thought I would put down my version of  the census answers for you to count. Continue reading “Census night”

What a week!

It was a really really busy week last week!

We were busy in our run on Monday then Tuesday we had a bath, which was quite enjoyable really, grease glands cleaned and everything.  Then Mummy took us downstairs to dry off and we watched the racing all afternoon.  It isnt usually racing on Tuesday, only Saturday but it was special because it was the Cheltenham Festival and we watched Hurricane Fly win the Champion Hurdle.  It was all very exciting. Continue reading “What a week!”

End of Mourning

Today is the 49th day of our period of mourning for Lord Mariusz of Hattan, forever friend and alter ego of Hugo the Brave.  49 days is a long time in the life of a piggy and so we must move on to a new spring.  We hold him in our hearts for ever, and remember his wisdom.

“Adversity?  Pffft to that!”

Laird Mariusz of McHattan