They’re making a hole in our wall!

Way-aye, Roscoe here.

Mam seemed excited when she came back from travelling last week. She was only away two nights so we stayed here, with lots and lots of hay and nibbles. The second day I found a carrot cunningly hidden right at the bottom of our hay pile. It was still fresh, too! It didn’t last long, mind.

It’s very peaceful when Mam’s away. I can laze about on the bed, or ont he other pile of hay, or curl up in the tunnel, or in the dark corer in the run. Sometimes I curl up by a food bowl, all the better to just reach out and nibble a bit when I get the night pangs. Neville’s generally very civilised about giving up these places when I want to use them.

Mam said that this week will be when the worst of the banging will be in our new house. They are making a hole in the wall so we can have glass doors put in, like we have in the kitchen extension now.

There will be some more banging on the roof some time, and smells when they put the new tiles down with a sticky compound, or so she expects. But if they aren’t doing either of those we’ll be able to go down with her. She’s not taking us down this week because of the banging, and because it shouldn’t take more than a day. If she’s going to have to be away another night, she’ll ask one of our Aunties to nip in and give us more hay and food. I wonder who it’ll be?

She says that once the floor is finished we should be able to move in down there. She’s already taken our big cages down, not the holiday cages but the ones we lived in downstairs.

It’ll all depend on how much packing up she’s got to do here. But basically we’ll switch from being mostly here except when we go there for four or more days, to being mostly there unless Mam needs to be back here for four or more days.

I’m glad Mam’s counting these things in threes and fours. Those are easy numbers for guinea pigs to count. Seven works well too. Any other number gets complicated.

I wonder how big the hole in the wall will be and whether we’ll be allowed to go through it?

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5 thoughts on “They’re making a hole in our wall!

  1. I hope you do get to go through the hole in the wall. Going through holes in things to explore what’s the other side is fun! Also, I’m glad you don’t have to be in the new house until after all that awful banging is done, but will be able to be mostly there soon.

    Yes, those smaller numbers are much easier to keep track of. Things start getting complicated after that. Even the Lilie dog can’t do bigger numbers than 10, and she’s good at numbers. Mummy says one of these days she’ll hopefully get her to co-operate with doing numbers for the flashy thing, so people can see how good she as tatthem. Right now though, she starts being silly when Mummy points the flashy thing at her and says about doing numbers. It’s really funny. For me, I mean, and I’m pretty sure for the Lilie dog too. Not so much for Mummy though.

    Squeak soon,


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Hole in the wall? How interesting. I wonder if it’s going to be like the hole in the wardrobe that allowed the kids to escape to Narnia, though I don’t think you’d want to leave Mummy for long. She’d miss you, and they probably don’t have enough carrots for you in Narnia.

    Good luck to Mummy in the move!



    1. Auntie again

      Then again, the kids were away for what seemed like years, but when they got back, they found that only a moment had passed in regular world. So go through the hole if you like. 😀


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