Fred’s Philosophicals

This is where Fred’s philosophical thoughts can be given full rein.

When some pigs are sitting and apparently doing nothing, they may be communing with the Philosophy Circle, a telepathic network instigated by Fred after he realised that Thinking was something he didn’t have to do on his own.  Most pigs who Philosophise are very shy of letting others realise it.  They usually pretend to be asleep if observed.  However with suitable encouragement, Fred is now blogging his Thoughts and Theories.

“Thinking is very hard work.  Many pigs lack the discipline for hard Thinking, or have aptitudes for other things (like George did with his engineering).  A few prefer to just enjoy life and let others do their Thinking for them, which may be fun but may also lead them into mischievous ways.

“At present I am trying to mentor young Hector into the ways of the Philosopher.  He shows promise as he is a bright kid, but has had little discipline in his life, and is easily led astray.  He does show he is trying though, as he often resorts to gnawing the bars of the cage between us in his frustration at not Thinking properly.  This activity can be misinterpreted.  Humphrey on the other hand looks as if he is Thinking Deep Thoughts a lot of the time.  I think he is a great Actor though.  We shall see.”

Thinking topics that you might like to try for exercise, which Fred will be addressing in his blogs, include:

  • Why does the moon change shape?
  • What is the wind (and many other questions about its nature and behaviour)?
  • Why does grass grow?
  • What happens to poo when it’s all piled in a big heap?
  • How does poo change into carrots?
  • What is The Sea?
  • What is the connection between Mummy wearing her golf things and it raining?

You can see all his Think Pieces here .

Fred was working on two of these pieces when he died.  The rest will have to remain unpublished I’m afraid.  The unfinished ones will be tidied up and posted during the mourning period, as a tribute to his Philosophical Nature.

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