Reflections on the #AtoZChallenge 22

Hello, Biggles here, with Ludo and Locksley. We’re going to do a Reflections post today, saying what we thought about doing the A to Z Challenge this year.

We’re each going to say something, then we might discuss it.

Ludo: are you going first then?

Biggles: okay.

Reflections by Biggles

I had vague memories of doing this before, and I thought it sounded fun. It was, but it was hard work to remember to do it everyday, but as Mummy helped set them up in advance, the harder thing was going visiting every day.

I think we’ve picked ‘Favourite Things’ before, and some of the things we chose have been done by our predecessors. You could see that because there was a link at the bottom of the post to ‘similar items’ or something like that.

It was good to meet new people, and I hope some of you continue to visit us most weeks.

Reflections by Ludo

I’m glad we did this. It was interesting to do and made me feel more confident on putting my views forward. I haven’t been blogging long. I think I started in September. Biggles needed help after Roscoe died.

I like having a topic to go for, though. Even just to think of something beginning with… is easier than saying “it’s your post on Monday, Ludo, what are you going to write about?” I expect I’m going to be doing a lot of the posts in future.


It was ever so exciting, and I was really scared the first time. I wrote several posts all by myself, and I don’t think they were too bad.

I did the post on Yawning, and it turned out that someone else (Kevin) had done that in the past. I shall look up about Kevin, because we obviously have things in common.

General Discussion

Biggles: Is there anything you didn’t like?

Locksley: It was sad that Miss Mollie died.

Biggles: Yes it was. Very unexpected too. Artemis is very brave to have taken up the role at Auntie Tori’s house.

Ludo: At one time I thought we’d have someone else not make it to the end of the month.

Biggles: What do you mean?

Ludo: I thought you were headed for the Rainbow Bridge, mate. Especially in the week before Easter. I reckon Mummy did too.

Biggles: well I did feel very unwell. I made it though. I’m feeling a lot better now.

Ludo: Apparently lots of pigs who’ve done the A2Z have worn themselves out and gone during May. Mummy mentioned Victor and Kevin for two, and Percy went in June.

Biggles: Maybe we know, so we do it as a sort of memorial.

Ludo: Yeah. Well, don’t go yet, mate.

Locksley: Yes, don’t go yet, Biggles. There’s too much grass for me to eat on my own.

Biggles: that’s true. Glad you’ve got your priorities right, Locksley!

What next?

(Biggles) I think we carry on as usual, blogging on Monday. But maybe Ludo does it twice a month, and Lockley and I do one post each, in between. How does that sound?

(general agreement)

I’m sure Mummy will agree to that.

And… have you heard? We’re going on holiday for a week. And the week after that, Mummy’s bringing two new piggies home! It’ll be a new Hampshire Five!

Ludo: Sounds good to me. And maybe they’ll do the A to Z next year – with my help.

Locksley: and mine!

Biggles: And look, we’ve won a badge!

Thank you

Biggles: Well, a big thank you to everyone who came to visit us, and especially people that came often. Auntie Noelle and Auntie Hilary, and I think Ronel must be an Auntie too.

Ludo: Auntie Tori, and Mollie and Artemis.

Locksley: Tasha and Afshan and DreamGirl and CatsandCoffee

Biggles: and Betty and Lisa and Jazzfeathers and lots of other people. I hope Ludo and I visited you all a few times. And of course thank you to everyone at the A to Z team, especially Uncle J, who visited us lots.

Locksley: I like Uncle J.

Biggles: I think everyone likes J. He or they are wonderful.

Ludo: Have we any pictures today?

Biggles: er, over to Mummy. See you next week, everybody!

7 thoughts on “Reflections on the #AtoZChallenge 22

  1. Victoria Zigler

    I always loved hearing about your posts from Mollie, and am glad to get to talk to you myself now. We’re still sad that she went over the rainbow bridge. Like you said, it was very sudden. Glad you didn’t join her yet, Biggles. Hope it’s a long time before you do, and glad you’re feeling a bit better now. That’s exciting about your upcoming holidays and new housemates. I look forward to hearing all about those things.


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  2. Aww Locksley thank you for remembering me!!
    You guys are so very cute, I had so much fun reading your posts! (even if they had already been done before, it’s alright!!)
    Lots of love to you three!
    Excited for your trip and the 2 new additions!!!

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