8. The Princelings of the North

the Princelings of the North coverThe Princelings of the North are Dylan and Dougall, a plan I’ve had ever since I featured Dylan and Dougall in short stories which ended up in our BookElves books. I set them in a castle way out on the northwest of the island on the north west coast of Scotland called Moreisle, which is based on Mull.  You can read about Fred, George, Victor and Hugo’s adventures on Mull, at a place very like the setting for The Princelings of the North, save for there not being a castle there.

In book 8, Dylan and Dougall rescue Prince Kevin, who has been exiled by his wicked uncle and wants his castle back.  Dylan loves the idea of righting a wrong, especially if it means an adventure to the far south of their country to achieve it!

dylan and dougall

This is Dylan and Dougall’s first appearance in the series proper, although they have three spin-off novellas now. Kevin first appeared in book 5, the Talent Seekers, has a bit part in Bravo Victor, and features in Willoughby the Narrator, too. I wish the three of them had been able to have a holiday on Mull. I’m sure they would have enjoyed it.

The Princelings of the North was published in January 2018, and is available for all ebook readers at Smashwords, as well as Amazon, and in paperback at Amazon and hopefully soon at Book Depository.