Lots of funny things going on

Hello, Bertie here.

Lots of funny things are going on at the moment.

Last week we were here all week and so was Mummy. Nobody came to do the floor, although someone came on Monday to measure it or something.

Then somebody else came and took away all the grass! Then he did lots of things where it had been and when he finished, there was lovely long grass all laid out in neat rows! We’re not allowed to eat it till after Easter, so Mummy says. What is Easter and when is it?

Mummy’s been very worried about something called avirous. She had to go to the shop to get enough food for her for five weeks, and for us for two weeks. She says that’s all the time the fresh veg will store for. But we have lots of pellets and hay, and she’s ordered hay to be delivered from a place called Hay Box, and we’d better like it, because it’s not cheap. Well, Mummy never gives us cheap food, only good quality things, so it must be good, don’t you think?

Neville likes hay

She’s also been busy painting the room we’re in, which she said she wasn’t going to do when we were in it because of the smell. It certainly does smell funny. Not very nice, but not bad. She said she had to do it before the furniture came, and that’s on Friday. But the floor isn’t finished, and Liam is coming today to work on it so it’s finished on Thursday. And Mummy’s going back to Norfolk without us on Tuesday to make sure all the furniture arrives on Friday.

I hope you understand all of this, because to me it makes no sense at all. Oh, and now she’s also worried because Uncle James is in Spain and he’s not allowed to leave.

Do you have all these complicated things going on in your life too? Or is it just Mummy?

More news next week.

love, Bertie xxx

2 thoughts on “Lots of funny things going on

  1. Oh yes, Bertie, we have these complications here as well. We’ve been keeping ourselves at home for the last week and are looking forward to another month of it. Just going out for food once a week. The virus is nasty, particularly for people over a certain age. I don’t think you guys have to worry but your Mum does.

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  2. From what Mummy and Daddy have been saying, most people are worried about avirus. Personally, I haven’t a clue what it’s all about. Mummy says it’s not a big deal though, because she always makes sure we have lots of everything that stores well, “Just in case,” anyhow, so it’s only the fresh veggies and things like that they need to worry about maybe running out. But she says it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they did, since at least I’d have my hay and pellet stuff, and that would be better than nothing at least. Mummy keeps saying we don’t need to worry, but I know she is anyway. I can tell. Plus, Mummy always worries.

    Squeak soon,


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