Y for Yawning #AtoZChallenge

Kevin's carrotHello! I’m Kevin.  I’m a ginger and white guinea pig and I look after both George’s Guinea Pig World and our Facebook page.  Percy and I have been sharing the workload for our A to Z Challenge this year, and I’m finishing it off this weekend.

Our theme is “Our Favourite Things”

yY is for Yawning

There’s something very satisfying about yawning.  We all do it, and I’ve seen Mummy do it too.  Most yawns are unscheduled, but I’ve realised I often stop for a yawn just as Mummy suggests it’s time to stop having our breakfast cuddle and I climb up onto her arm for the trip back upstairs.

Mummy has often said she’d like to get a picture of us yawning, but she hasn’t managed it yet.

Auntie Dawn is a wizard at capturing yawns.  So here are a selection for you, all of the late great Atticus the Kind.  Thank you for lending us your pictures, Auntie Dawn ❤ ❤

Tomorrow is our last day, even though it’s Sunday.  We might not post on Monday.  We’ll see.



A for Aunties #AtoZChallenge


IMG_3016Hi!  I’m Kevin, and if you’re visiting from the A to Z Challenge you may be confused.  Yes, I’m a guinea pig.  And our site is George’s Guinea Pig World because it’s all George’s work in setting it up in 2009.  We blog every week – me or Percy, who’s also a guinea pig. We share the work here.  We also live with Oscar and Midge.

For this year’s challenge we’re doing “Our Favourite Things”

a A is for Aunties

Aunties are people Mummy knows who know us through her books and our blogging.  They’ve usually got piggies of their own.  Some of them may even read this post!

Here is Auntie Dawn when she first visited us, here in the UK.  She’s cuddling Victor, who’s also a guinea pig, although he’s over the Rainbow Bridge now.

Victor and Auntie Dawn
Victor and Auntie Dawn

Here’s another Auntie – Auntie Vikki, who lives not far away and often comes to see us when Mummy’s away as well as when Mummy’s here.  Here’s a picture of her cuddling Midge, who lives in the run next to me.  Midge is Oscar’s brother, but they don’t get on.  Vikki had their mother and father, Belle and Tatum.  Vikki used to run the rescue, which is where lots of Mummy’s pigs came from.  That’s why they are friends.

Vikki with Midge
Vikki with Midge

Auntie Shirley also visits us sometimes, and she and Uncle Barry do our teeth.  You can read about their last visit here.

Aunties are very important people and we love them very much. ❤

Come back tomorrow when we’ll do letter B.


Exciting News x 2

We’ve got exciting news!

  1. Mummy says we can do the A to Z Challenge in April, as long as we don’t do too much writing for it.  We can do a picture and a few words.  So that’s what we’re doing.
  2. Auntie Dawn has brought a new piggie home, because she has room now Atti has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  That’s what happens, since so many piggies need rehoming.  The new piggy is called Gus, or Augustus, and he’s a little like Willoughby and a little like Digby.


And even more exciting news, Auntie Sophie brought three new girlies home and a few weeks later one of them has had four babies, 2 boys and 2 girls, and another had 3 babies: 2 girls and 1 boy.  This is why piggies need rehoming, by the way.


We are very sad about Roland, who went over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  He lived in New York with Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne, and had many, many pigtures on Facebook, for his #WolandWednesday theme. An awful lot of them had him taking food from his daddy’s lips while standing on his daddy’s chest.  Awful is a carefully chosen word there.  I wouldn’t do it, not even from Mummy.  But it shows what a polite and trusting pig Roland was.

Sending love to Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne.

Kevin interviews Auntie Dawn (part 2)

Auntie Dawn told me such lovely stories about her pigs last month that I saved some for this month.

If you missed that you can read it here.

So, Auntie Dawn: What favourite memories do you have of your guinea pigs?

There are so many! I’ll confine myself to talking about how we got each of our departed pigs.

Saku was our first pig. One warm April afternoon, I left work early, and Uncle and I took a train out a place called Queens. We had seen an ad on the Internet in which a man said he was looking to rehome his daughter’s pig because his wife was allergic. We arrived at the appointed place, the parking lot of a bank, and waited. We didn’t have a cellphone at the time and thought we were in the wrong place. Eventually we figured out we were on the wrong side of the bank. Continue reading “Kevin interviews Auntie Dawn (part 2)”


Saku was a sweet, gentle pig and an absolute trooper.  That’s what Mummy says, anyway.  He was Auntie Dawn’s first piggie and he went to the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly in 2013, just after doing an appeal for Auntie Dawn’s charity fundraising event.  He was a Sheltie, like Humphrey,  but white, with some dark markings.  He was very elegant.  He and Mariusz lived together and had lots of adventures – well Saku watched while Mariusz had the adventures.

Saku became a celebrated sculptor, even though Mummy cast him as the wild-haired scientist in her books.

Saku’s 2013 appeal for the AIDS walk can be repeated here, since Auntie Dawn would really like to raise lots of money for AIDS charities in the New York Charity walk on May 17th 2015.  You can donate to her fundraising by clicking this link.  I just don’t think we can send you a carrot sculpture this year.

Saku's AIDS Walk Appeal
Saku’s AIDS Walk Appeal


Roland arrived on the scene in January, after Willoughby went over the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly. He lives with Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne, presumably in Mariusz’s old cage.  I wonder if M left him any messages.

We know he’s not very old, but not exactly how old – a matter of months, anyway.  He was very small and skinny when he arrived, but now he weighs 940 gms which is about the same or even more than Hector!  He needs to develop a bit, that’s all.

He’s gradually settling in to the crazy world of Castle Hattan, and who knows whether he might appear in a book one day?  He appears on Facebook every Wednesday on Auntie Dawn’s pages.  The hashtag is ⌗wolandwednesday

What’s a hashtag, Auntie?

Blackbird and Bertie

Blackbird was our friend.  At least, he was Victor’s friend, even though they never met, except in Mummy’s book.


Blackbird went to lots of shows and won lots of paper cards, rosettes and even a cup, because he was so laid back and his hair was so fabulous.  Our hair is good too, but Mummy doesn’t show us.  Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob showed Blackbird at Guinea Pig Shows.

I’ve never quite worked out why he’s called Blackbird, since he isn’t black, and he isn’t a bird.  Mummy says that he was named after an aeroplane.  Lots of Bob and Doris’s pigs are named after aeroplanes.  Mummy discovered that there’s a bird called a Nilgiri Blackbird in India, which is roughly the same colours as him, so she gave him the title of Rajah of Nilgiri in her books.  She did a short story about him one year for the A to Z Challenge, too.  He appears in Bravo Victor, and Mummy hasn’t said whether he’ll turn up again anywhere.  Mummy never met Blackbird, but Auntie Dawn did, and there’s a picture to prove it.

The little silvery pig with Blackbird is Glory – she’s his daughter.  She’s in the Talent Seekers.

Another pig in the Talent Seekers is Bertie, who belonged to Strigidiae.  I don’t know Strig’s real name, but Mummy met her in Scotland and she gave Hector his tartan tunnel as a present.  I know we haven’t done H for Hector yet, so I’m sorry if you’re getting confused.  Here’s Bertie admiring his book.

Strig's Bertie reads TS



Atticus begins with A and he’s the first guinea pig in my A to Z Challenge this April.  I’m Dylan, and you’ll find me under the letter D when we get to it.

Atticus lives in New York City with Auntie Dawn.  I’ve met Auntie Dawn but I haven’t met Atticus, except by thought transfer.  I’m not very good at thought transfer and I don’t know if he is, either.

Dawn's little dude

This is Atticus as a bitty baby, when he first came to live with Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne and Peepers and Tweek and Willoughby.  That was after Saku died.  You’ll meet Willoughby and Saku later.  Not Peepers and Tweek, they are conures which is a type of parrot.

Atticus is a smooth-haired pale Himalayan type of guinea pig.  You’ll see what a Himi (that’s short for Himalayan) should look like when we get to L for Lupin-Buckmore.  They don’t come from Himalaya, it’s just the colour name.

He’s pretty cool, for a pale thing. He has his own meme on Facebook #Satticus . That’s short for Atticus Saturdays.  There’s always a great photo of him in his cage or on BW or Dawns’ lap doing something good and saying “hi, look at me!”.  He’s got lots of fans too.

He’s not in any of Mummy’s stories yet.  I asked her and she said he will be, but probably not till right at the end.  She said that about me, though, and I’ve got a short story all of my own, now.  Well, my brother’s in it too – and George.

In case you’re wondering, George started this blog and everything else about George’s Guinea Pig World.  I’ll tell you about the legendary George when it’s time for G.