I’m asking the Questions

Way-aye, Roscoe here.

I’ve got some pictures of hay-making and our late night grass time this week. But first I’m asking for Questions.

I was telling Mam how hard it is to think of something to say each week, and Mam said ‘why not interview the others?’

When I said I didn’t know what to ask them, she said to ask you.

So, please would you ask questions in the comments that I can ask Biggles and Neville. Then I’ll ask them and write each up on one day. Mam says she’ll think of some too, and it’ll be a Profile of each of us. That suggests I have to interview myself, too.

Mam’s put the hay up on a rack in the summerhouse to finish drying now, but this is how she dried it in the sun.

It’s been extremely hot the last few days. Mam says that, but we’ve been just the usual temperatures. Mam opens the door to the garden first thing, so the fresh morning air comes in, but she closes the curtains to keep the sun out. By the time we’ve been cleaned out she closes the door to keep the cool in. All day long we’re inside, and so is she. She’s been writing this week. There’s been a tall blowy thing wafting air across us too. It feels good, but I wonder if Mam is over-doing it. I mean, it looks lovely outside when she draws back the curtains in the afternoon.

But she goes outside for something and comes back in and says “ It’s terribly hot, boys. It’s 32!” Whatever that means, I don’t know. Apparently it’s got up to 25 at the highest in our room, which seemed fine to me.

Then we get to go out when the sky is starting to go pink. It’s a little bit warmer than our room then, but it gets cooler. On Saturday Mam was reading her ebook and didn’t realise it was nearly dark! She was better yesterday though.

We like it outside in the evening. It’s very pleasant and quiet.

See you next week, and please remember to ask lots of questions that I can ask the others over the rest of August.


Roscoe xxx

Bertie at home

Where does Mummy go?

Hello.  Bertie here.

I was told when I came upstairs that I’d see Mummy more often.

It isn’t true.  She’s here sometimes in the morning.  Then she goes somewhere and a long time later she comes back.  She often asks if we missed her.  I never reply, because I don’t know how.  I mean, no I didn’t miss her.  But she wasn’t here.  It would be nice if she was here more.  They told me I’d see more of her if I came upstairs.  But I don’t.

It’s been very warm the last few days.  We go out on the grass in the evening for an hour or two. It mostly starts out even warmer out there, but gets nice and comfortable.  Then we come back in.  Sometimes it feels warmer inside.  Sometimes it feels cooler.  Last night it was hot and sticky.  We had to remind Mummy it was cucumber time.  Then she went and got it and that cooled us down.

Percy sleeps

Even though it’s hot Percy still snoozes inside his snugglesac.  I sleep on the hay in the loft.  Midge sleeps on the hay or on top of the snuggletunnel.  It’s okay when it’s hot, but Mummy complains.

Anyway, if you know where Mummy goes, please tell me.




It’s been raining

It was very, very hot earlier this week, and we didn’t go out till our runs were in the shade and it had cooled down a bit.  It was still hot, but nice.  Then Friday it rained.  Mummy was pleased it rained because everything needed water.  The grass was getting crispy, which is okay, but I’d rather it was juicier.  Mummy says the rain will make it juicier.


The first rainy day also had lots of noises called thunder with it.  I don’t mind thunder; I know it’s just up in the clouds.  Kevin said he and Midge looked up and checked with Mummy to make sure it was just thunder and then went back to dreaming.  Saturday it rained still, but Mummy went out for the day, although she came back for a cup of tea and went out again soon after; she said the buses didn’t run late enough or something.  I don’t know what that means.  It wasn’t actually raining on Sunday when she came back from wherever she’d been, but she said the grass was till too wet for us.

This morning she went out really early, just as the radio came on.  She just gave us cucumber and breakfast – no run or clean or cuddles.  Kevin got his meds, though.  She said she’s going to London with some books.  She’ll be back this evening.

Well, that’s okay, Mummy, but when are we going to get our run?  Tomorrow?