Moving pictures of us

There are a couple of movies in the making. They can’t be loaded on here but I think I will be able to put them on YouTube and either embed them or give you the link.

First here is the link to the Guinea Pig World Playlist. It’s got the latest ones on, showing Dylan, Dougall and the big boys at play. Each clip is no more than a minute, taken with my camera, but some have two three or more one minute sequences. But there are a couple of long films that I’ve been putting together in Movie Maker. I hope I’ll be able to upload and share them with you too.

The link to the YouTube page:

One thought on “Moving pictures of us

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I left comments on the respective YouTube pages. Very nice videos.

    I adore D&D’s boop-boops, Uncle V’s bum, and Hec’s confused looks. XXOO


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