Lots of things happened!

Hi, Percy here.  Sorry I didn’t talk to you last week.  Maybe I slept through it.

This week’s been very busy (apart from when Mummy’s been out all day, when I sleep a lot).

Firstly, we’ve had some very interesting food that we don’t usually have.  There were long thin crispy things called bean sprouts mixed in with cut up peppers and carrots and cabbage.  Mummy said it was a packet of stir-fry vegetables from the shop that was going cheap.  It didn’t make any noises that I could hear, though.  I’m not keen on peppers, although I ate quite a few of the red ones.  I liked the sprouty things and the cabbage a lot, and of course I love carrot.  Mummy doesn’t let me have much carrot as she says it makes me fat.  Anyway, we also had half a piece of baby corn, which was delicious.  That’s only for treats, too.  And we had some fennel bits, which we do often get as a treat because Mummy loves it too, and we get the bits she trims off when she makes her dinners with it.


Then Oscar got a new bed!  It’s red and bouncy and he really likes it.  I told Midge about it when we had floor time on Friday and he sniffed and looked cross.  When I asked why, he said “I didn’t like it.”  It turned out it was his Christmas present, but he didn’t like it so Mummy gave him back his tent which made him happy again.  Now he knows Oscar’s delighted with the red bed I think he’s feeling jealous.  Mummy can’t win with those two.


The big news is that Kevin broke his tooth again.  It was only half broken, but Mummy spotted that it was also wider apart from the other one than it should have been.  Apparently Fred did that once, and she was really worried and took him to the vet, who gave him an xray to see what was going on, and he went to sleep forever.  Then when Mummy heard that he just had a bruise between his teeth, which caused a swelling, she was even more upset.  So when she saw Kevin’s, she knew he had a bruise as well as a break, and just waited for the swelling to go down, which it did the very next day.  And now the tooth has grown back too.

But Mummy did some thinking about why Kevin should have broken the same tooth again, since he only did it in November, and she decided he might be bumping into something like Fred did.  She’s moved his water bottle and dish and cage wear about so there’s something soft when he comes down and turns the corner from his loft.  She thinks he might have caught it on his bottle spout. He’s not entirely happy with the new layout, but he says it’s probably safer, and Mummy’s very wise.

She is, and she’s looking after us all, even Midge, who didn’t like his bed. Midge is a funny boy. I like him, though.


Nothing happening

Mummy’s just woken me up to tell me Percy hasn’t posted today.

Well, he probably had nothing to talk about.

Neither have I, really.  Night night.

cue adorable picture of me eating my Christmas present.

Kevin checks his tasty sticks
Kevin checks his tasty sticks

Mummy says I could have said something to cheer Auntie Dawn up, because Willoughby went over the Bridge at this time last year.  Or was it the year before?  It’s a long time ago, anyway.  We miss Willoughby.  But Mummy’s written his book, and it’ll come out later this year – Willoughby the Narrator.

Happy New Year

Welcome to our blog in 2017!

We had a restful New Year’s Eve, although there were fireworks at midnight, but we ignored them.  Mummy had been watching a noisy film, and there were a lot of people who visited on Thursday.  Mummy put me and Oscar upstairs in a small blue cage, but a few people came to admire us.  We went back downstairs when they’d all left, so we weren’t in the blue cage for long.  Oscar bickered a few times, and set Midge off chattering at him, but generally the pair of them were well behaved.  Kevin ignored us.  He does that when he’s in his run.  I think he has better things to do than socialise.

I love socialising.  I see Mummy’s put a picture of Humphrey, Hector and Hugo socialising at the top of the page.  That’s good.  I wish these boys were more social.  They’re hard work, I can tell you.  But I suppose they’re all right.

Mummy’s asked Kevin and me to discuss whether we want to do the A to Z Blogging Challenge in April.  We don’t have to decide for a while, but she wants us to say what we think and how we’d do it, if we want to.  We don’t have to.  Victor did it, and I think George did too.  It might be fun, or it might be hard work.

I’ll have to lie down and think about it.



The Day After Christmas Day

Sorry we’re a bit late.  It was a busy day with presents, food, more food, and then we stayed up late while Mummy watched films.  Uncle James was there too.  I don’t know him very well, but he seems nice.

Here’s our day in pictures.

Hugo crowned

Our Calendar Boars

Someone asked why our little slideshow on the right is called ‘Calendar Boars’.

Every year Mummy gets something called a calendar made.  It hangs on the wall by her computer things, so Midge and I can see it.  Apparently last summer, before the Great Flood, there was another copy hanging on the wall downstairs so Percy & Oscar could see it, but it was only because there was a mistake with it, so she ended up with two.

So the calendar has two halves.  The top is pictures, mostly of us, but sometimes of other things like trees,  the moon,  flowers, or birds.  All things she’s photographed, usually in the current year.  Then the bottom part, this is the clever bit, it has a grid with the days of the month laid out so she can tell what day and date it is.  And each month the page changes and we have new pictures and a new month layout.

So each month when the page changes, Mummy updates our ‘Calendar Boars’ slideshow to show the pictures that are on her calendar, well the pictures of us, anyway.  Isn’t that nice?  So now you know.

I wonder who will be in the new calendar for 2017?

2016-03-08 10.49.56

Mummy gave me a sneak peek, and I can tell you this one of Oscar is on the cover, but we’ll never see that, because it’ll have its page next to the wall all year.  The other one that’s on the cover is Hugo, pretending to be one of the three kings.  That’s at the top of this post.


Dylan's not sure what it is

Dear Santa

Apparently Christmas is coming.  That’s when we give presents to our friends and family and get them from them too.  And sometimes people write letters to someone called Santa in case she tells Mummy want we’d really like.

So, here goes.


Dear Santa

If you’ve got time, it would be really nice of you to let Mummy know what we’d like here this Christmas.

  1. Food.  We always like food.  Fancy food is nice, like herbs or little hay nuggets.  Otherwise ordinary food will do, like herbs and lettuce and other leaves.  And hay and nuggets.
  2. Snuggly things.  I’ve already got a lovely snuggly bed, but both Oscar and Midge would like one of those each, although Midge does a very clever curling up on his tunnel to use it like a bed.  Then he uses it like a tunnel, so it’s a kind of dual-purpose snuggly.  If you got Oscar one of them he’d stop being jealous of mine.
  3. Chewy things.  Apparently once upon a time my grassy tunnel had grass on the inside and outside, but it’s all gone now.  Midge says he still has some on his, but Kevin’s is all gone too.  So grassy tunnels for me and Kevin would go down fine.
  4. Something nice for Mummy.  Maybe a large umbrella for the garden so she can sit in the shade when it’s hot next summer.  And maybe it would help cover our runs too.  That makes it a Very Useful Present, since we’d all like it.

Does that sound too much?  I hope not, I don’t want to sound greedy.  Oh, and if your reindeer need some hay, it’s in the bag opposite our cages.

Lots of love

Percy xxxx


It’s been very sunny

Hello, Percy here again.

I don’t know what to write about really.  It’s been very sunny, but Mummy seems to wear a lot of clothes, especially when she goes out.  She says it’s cold outside.  I don’t really know what that means, although I must admit it gets cooler at night than it used to.  I’m nice and warm, either in my snuggly bed or lying on my bed of hay.


We have a window in our roof, and sometimes I see a white thing in the sky at night.  It changes shape.  I gather it’s called the moon and it goes round our world and gets shone on by the sun, which makes it look white, but we don’t always see it all.  Sounds complicated.  The sun comes in our garden more than it did, because some trees have been cut down.  Mummy says it’s good for the grass, which will grow better next year, but if it gets hot we won’t have enough shade, so she’s trying to work out what to do about it.  I’m sure she’ll think of something.

The men who were making noises and made us move into the other room have all gone.  There was one who came back and made noises upstairs the other day, but he’s gone now and Mummy says he won’t be coming back.  Although tomorrow the man will come to check our boiler to make sure we keep warm through the winter.  I had a look at the boiler yesterday, because Mummy washed all our cage wear, and took it out to lay on the warm surfaces in the cupboard with the boiler while she was cuddling me.  It was all very interesting, but I prefer sitting on her lap to be cuddled.

So, that’s all the news from here.  What’s happening with you?


Yesterday was Dylan and Dougall’s birthday

Well, it would have been if they’d made it this far.  I think Mummy is only just getting over the shock of Dylan dying, eight weeks after Dougall did.  I guess he just couldn’t live without him, even though you’d have thought that Dylan was so outgoing and into everything (and everyone) that he’d be okay.

Anyway, here to cheer Mummy up are some happy memories.


Five years since Fred left us

I was only a youngster then – and Oscar, Midge and Percy weren’t born at all.  It’s a long time ago.  I heard about them on the pigvine, what we called the network of tunnels connecting all the important guinea pig homes, like Hugs Towers and the Chateau of Dimerie, and here.  Well, I heard about them from Colman who heard about them on the pigvine.

He missed his brother George too much to stay any longer.  Apparently they are buried together in the garden, but Mummy’s never told me where.  I think I can guess though.

Fred on holiday
Fred at Haunn

Here he is on holiday in Mull a year or two before he left us.  He’d be about three years old here.  He was very handsome.  Mummy says I remind her of him sometimes – I’ve learnt his Look.  Yeah, I have, Mummy!