It’s been very sunny

Hello, Percy here again.

I don’t know what to write about really.  It’s been very sunny, but Mummy seems to wear a lot of clothes, especially when she goes out.  She says it’s cold outside.  I don’t really know what that means, although I must admit it gets cooler at night than it used to.  I’m nice and warm, either in my snuggly bed or lying on my bed of hay.


We have a window in our roof, and sometimes I see a white thing in the sky at night.  It changes shape.  I gather it’s called the moon and it goes round our world and gets shone on by the sun, which makes it look white, but we don’t always see it all.  Sounds complicated.  The sun comes in our garden more than it did, because some trees have been cut down.  Mummy says it’s good for the grass, which will grow better next year, but if it gets hot we won’t have enough shade, so she’s trying to work out what to do about it.  I’m sure she’ll think of something.

The men who were making noises and made us move into the other room have all gone.  There was one who came back and made noises upstairs the other day, but he’s gone now and Mummy says he won’t be coming back.  Although tomorrow the man will come to check our boiler to make sure we keep warm through the winter.  I had a look at the boiler yesterday, because Mummy washed all our cage wear, and took it out to lay on the warm surfaces in the cupboard with the boiler while she was cuddling me.  It was all very interesting, but I prefer sitting on her lap to be cuddled.

So, that’s all the news from here.  What’s happening with you?


Yesterday was Dylan and Dougall’s birthday

Well, it would have been if they’d made it this far.  I think Mummy is only just getting over the shock of Dylan dying, eight weeks after Dougall did.  I guess he just couldn’t live without him, even though you’d have thought that Dylan was so outgoing and into everything (and everyone) that he’d be okay.

Anyway, here to cheer Mummy up are some happy memories.


Five years since Fred left us

I was only a youngster then – and Oscar, Midge and Percy weren’t born at all.  It’s a long time ago.  I heard about them on the pigvine, what we called the network of tunnels connecting all the important guinea pig homes, like Hugs Towers and the Chateau of Dimerie, and here.  Well, I heard about them from Colman who heard about them on the pigvine.

He missed his brother George too much to stay any longer.  Apparently they are buried together in the garden, but Mummy’s never told me where.  I think I can guess though.

Fred on holiday
Fred at Haunn

Here he is on holiday in Mull a year or two before he left us.  He’d be about three years old here.  He was very handsome.  Mummy says I remind her of him sometimes – I’ve learnt his Look.  Yeah, I have, Mummy!


You are invited to my party!

It’s a whole year since I came home with Mummy from the funny hot place with lots of people.  I’m not sure what it was called, but the rescue place put me and Rabbit there to try and find us homes – and I found Mummy!  I think it was my lucky day.

Mummy says we should celebrate my birthday on my gotcha day, since we don’t know when my birthday is, or even how old I am.  I was supposed to be five years old, so she took pity on me, thinking I’d fit in with Kevin and Dylan and Dougall.  But by spring she thought I couldn’t have been more than two, judging from my neat and delicate toenails, and now she thinks maybe I wasn’t even that old.  She was looking at photos of last year, which is why she thinks that.  And also because although I put on a lot of weight after I got here, she reckons it was simply because I was growing up.  I’ll go with that.

Mr Percy
Mr Percy

This was me at D&D’s birthday party at the end of last November.

And this is me now.

Of course, I’ve put on weight, but Mummy says I’m now a mature boar, not a young lad which is what I look like in comparison.  I’ve grown into my head and ears, she says, and I have a superb topline, whatever that means.  So we’re going to say I’m three now, but I could be less.  Maybe I’m only two.  I don’t know.  I know I like it here, and I hope there’s going to be cake tomorrow, when we have my birthday party.  I like the cake Mummy makes.  It’s made of mushed pellets and herbs and tastes yummy.  I do hope we have cake.

By the way, we’re back in our own room now.  We came back on Saturday.  I got used to Mummy sitting in the same room as us and watching the picture box, but it’s just as nice here and we have more light.  And we get to run around on the kitchen floor again, and it’s all clean.  Mummy has asked us to keep it that way.  Um, I’ll do my best, Mummy.

PS.  Do you like our new layout?  Mummy’s been trying to make it better for people using mobile phones.  I hope you enjoy it.  Let me know if you need something changed!

I hate November

I do, I hate November.  It starts with all the horrid noises.  In fact those started even before November started.  Mummy says it’s fireworks, and every year we get them virtually every night from the last weekend of October through to about ten days into November.  I hate them.  They go bang, and make flashes, and sometimes they make other horrible screaming noises.

If Mummy’s here she sits with us and tells us it’s all right, and sometimes plays music to us.  She leaves the television on for the downstairs boys, or the radio (I’m not sure of the difference, except one is in the kitchen and the other in the living room.)  But sometimes she’s out and we have to put up with it all on our own.  I hide in my snuggle tunnel, but if they are at the front of the house I still hear them.  The good thing is that the ones at the front of the house (which are closest) only happen on one night.  The ones at the side (nearest our cages), happen lots of times and they vary how loud they are.  I wish they’d just stop doing them.

The other thing I hate about November are all the changes that seem to happen.  I don’t mean with the builders coming and Percy and Oscar having to move like Percy told you.  I mean it’s the month that seems to have the most comings and goings in our house.  I know I wasn’t here when Hugo and Victor arrived from Vikki’s one snowy Sunday in November 2008, or when Humphrey and Hector came all the way from the rescue at Sophie’s in 2010.  But that’s what happens in November – Mummy finds she has to make a good home for someone who’s desperate.  We came in April, Colman and I, and I suppose Oscar and Midge came in October, so it doesn’t always happen – but look at what happened last year; Percy arrived!

Then again Fred went over the Rainbow Bridge in November 2011, so Mummy’s always a little sad mid-month.  But it was Dylan and Dougall’s birthday towards the end of the month, even though they didn’t arrive until three weeks later.

So now you know about all the calendar boars in the little picture show in the top right corner.

I don’t know what it is about November.  But I don’t like it.  I’ll be glad when the spring comes.

Nothing happened

Nothing much happened this week.

We’re still in the Living Room.  Mummy watches the picture box in the corner or reads or does drawings.  We get cuddled in the morning and sometimes other times.  We run on the floor.

Oscar’s been exceedingly grumpy this week.  Midge wasn’t much better.  Mummy saw the colour of Kevin’s backside and decreed we all needed our grease glands cleaned, so she did them.

I quite like having my grease gland cleaned.  Mummy sat us next to the sink in the kitchen and put the gunk on the spot, and massaged it.  It felt good.  Except she asked me what on earth I’d been doing to get that much grease on my bottom.  I don’t know, Mummy, it just happens.  Then when she’d finished the massage she made me sit on her other arm from the usual one, and she ran warm water down my backside to rinse it off.  That felt funny, but nice.  Then we went and sat in the living room while she dried my bottom off.  The horses were racing over jumps while we did that (on the picture box).

Then I went back in my cage and it was Oscar’s turn.

So that was all the exciting stuff last week.

Except for the bangs, whooshes and bright lights that happened outside on Saturday.  It happened just before Mummy went out, so she left the light on for us and also the picture box, which played music and coloured lights and had little people whizzing around.  It went off before Mummy came home, though.  She watched a shorter version of it on Sunday.  I think she calls it Strictly.  It looks fun, maybe I should have a go.

My Favourite Bedding

Last week Carol asked if I preferred fleece to paper pellets as bedding.  I haven’t really used paper pellets as bedding, although Mummy has something like it in my litter tray, and I must say it’s very comfortable and dry to lie on, even if I sit under the water tap and drain it, or wee when I’m sleeping.

I asked the others, and Oscar said they had the pellets (they’re called megazorb) when he was with Midge when they were little.  It’s perfectly comfortable, especially when you’ve trodden it down a little as it’s quite fluffy to start with.  Kevin said the same thing.  On the whole we all prefer fleece as long as it’s got a thick layer of paper or a puppy pad underneath the wee spots.  If it gets wet and it doesn’t have enough paper underneath, it can stay a bit too damp for comfort.  Then again most of us find a bit of hay spread over a damp patch fixes the problem immediately.

Mummy cleans our cages every day and changes the fleece and paper (or pads) weekly.  I hope that answers your question, Carol.

The only other bedding I’ve had is wood shavings with hay over them.  I must admit, wood shavings aren’t at all nice.  But as long as the hay keeps you off them, you can be comfortable.  I love lying on a pile of hay.

This week the builders came and made loud noises in our room.  We are still in the Living Room, as Mummy calls it.  She spends time there every day, so we get to talk to her even more than usual, which is nice.  The builders left on Friday and it was nice and peaceful at the weekend, but Mummy says they’re coming back today.  They shouldn’t need to be so noisy, though.

This is our run while the builders are here.  There’s a layer of something crackly underneath the blanket.  Mummy says its a plastic tablecloth which she saved from last summer’s fete.  She cleaned the poops out after this photo was taken.  That’s me and Oscar.  I don’t know why Oscar couldn’t leave me in my hay box and go to the other one.  He’s very bossy at the moment.

We should be back to normal next week.  I hope so, anyway.

We’ve moved!

It was all confusion on Saturday.  We got out of our runs for a cuddle as usual, and then we had a run on the floor. And Saturday is when Mummy weighs us and does our nails if we need them, and checks our teeth and so on, and after that she makes our runs all fresh with clean fleece and everything.  And then we go back for breakfast.

On Saturday she took AGES.  And she kept getting in our way, because she cleaned out the cages like normal, but then she took the tops off the cages and folded them up in the hallway, and then she took our cage bases up and took them out through the hall, and then she moved our table!  Well!  We were running around like mad, in fact we decided to hide from her in the boxes at the other end of the kitchen, because you never know what Mummy’s going to do next when she does things differently.  At least we didn’t have to get in our carry boxes and go to the vet or anything.

Anyway, we went back to our usual places when she got on with something in our cuddling room, and then Midge came down for his cuddle as usual, and Mummy picked up Oscar as usual and walked out of the kitchen with him!  Oh, no, where has she taken him? I thought, and I wheeked like mad to tell her she was doing everything wrong.  But after Kevin had his check up and cuddle and extras (he gets extras ‘cos he’s an old man), she picked me up and took me back to the cuddle room, and my cage was there, all ready for me!


It’s pretty good, really, because Mummy comes and sits with us in the afternoons when it starts to get dark, before she goes back to work upstairs.  She told us we have to be out of the way before the builders arrive, and when they do there’ll be all sorts of funny noises that they make in the kitchen.  I think it’s all related to the day it started raining in the kitchen.  And apparently we’re going to have different colour walls when we go back sometime next week.


Nothing’s happened to Kevin and Midge, they’re still upstairs in Mummy’s work room.  They do lead boring lives, not like me and Oscar.

So this is Percy, signing off for now from The Living Room (I’ve been watching something called The News).

Mummy put stuff behind my ears

Percy here again!  Kevin had things to say the last two weeks, but I’m back now.


I’ve been complaining to Mummy about the service recently.  She doesn’t give me the things I like most for breakfast.  Like carrots.  She said I was too heavy.  Then we had hay which didn’t taste good.  She took it away after a couple of days, but still.  Then she asked me why I wasn’t eating my food.  Well, I was too busy wheeking at you to tell you off, wasn’t I?  Anyway, on Saturday you made me show you my teeth to make sure I didn’t have something wrong.  No, I haven’t got anything wrong, I just want more carrots.  That’s why I’ve lost weight.  I know you thought I was too heavy, but now I’ve lost some weight, so I need my carrots.

Then she gave us all wet stuff behind my ears.  She said it was to stop us itching.  Well, I was a little itchy, but that wasn’t putting me off my food.  Oscar says she was scratching her wrist after cuddling us, so that’s why she knows someone has something on them they shouldn’t have.  Perhaps it came from that smelly hay, Mummy.

Anyway, she gave me some carrot yesterday and today.  And I’m not itching.  Maybe I was a little, but I’m not now.

Mummy does funny things sometimes.  Kevin says we all say that. Well, we’re right.