9. Chronicles of Marsh

I knew where the series was going, but a lot needed to happen before we got there.

I eventually hit on the idea of getting Fred to make a history of his reign, from the start through to when I wanted the last book to start.

Several pieces which started as short stories are included, but they blend into an overall narrative that has incidents showing how things are developing – and what’s going wrong. It’s Fred’s job to try and fix things, after all.

chronicles of Marsh

As usual, all the guinea pig characters appear, plus several new characters named after people I know, often in the guinea pig world, like Shirley and Barry, who are rodentologists in Ipswich. Or I just make them up, like Jasmine.

Bertie gets a job near the end of this one, helping George with the newly invented radio communications. At one time I thought it a bit mean to give Bertie a part, with Biggles, Neville and Roscoe waiting in the wings, but the get their turn in the next one. Given how early Bertie left us, it was a good thing.

Bertie loves lavender

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