The Monday after Christmas

We had a nice Christmas.  Dylan asked me to take over the blog for a bit as he’s feeling very down.  It’s not a surprise, but I hope I can persuade him to take an interest in it soon, I think it will do him good.  Mummy’s sad that he’s sad, and sad because Dougall’s not here, of course.  I expect it was worse because the presents to and from Dylan were all marked “Dylan & Dougall”.

Anyway, Dylan and I both got new grassy tunnels, which is very nice and will last us a while, since there’s lots of grass to scrape off and eat.  The others all got a couple of treat sticks.  Midge spent the next half hour looking at my grassy tunnel, wondering where his new one was.  Well, they do say the grass is always greener.  His treat stick is yummy and I’d have liked one of those.  Here are the photos Mummy took of us getting our parcels and then trying out the contents.  I hope you had a happy Christmas and lots of nice things to eat.

I took Dougall to the vet

Well, Mummy took both of us in our box, of course.  I don’t drive.  I would, I’d be brilliant, but I can’t reach the wheel and the pedals at the same time.

Dougall’s had a lump on his hip, and Mummy thought it was a fatty lump that would go in time.  Then it got crusty and yucky and she decided it had to go to the vet.  Since it was attached to Dougall, he had to go too.  And I went because I go everywhere with Dougall to make sure he knows what’s going on and isn’t scared. Continue reading “I took Dougall to the vet”

White snow and the seven Grumps

I see Dylan has forgotten to blog again.  He is such a dizzy Dylan.  He likes doing the Facebook page but he gets bored with more arduous tasks.  Not that it isn’t enjoyable, blogging.  I like it.  I snooze in my snuggle tunnel imagining things to write.  I’ve been doing a lot of snoozing in my snuggletunnel because it’s been cold outside, and the ground is covered with white snow.  It’s been two weeks now, and everyone is a bit grumpy.  Mummy isn’t really grumpy but she got upset about something yesterday and was searching everywhere for it.  She even checked under our hay and in the bag of waste bedding.  She found it in the car.  She said it must have dropped there when she put Humphrey in the car to go to the vet. Continue reading “White snow and the seven Grumps”

I’ve got new medicine

I’ve had a very funny day.  Mummy was squeezing my tummy a bit more than usual this morning and I had to tell her it was uncomfortable.  She gave me my medicine anyway and put me down for my morning run, but a little later she put me in the carry box with Doug and we went off to see Dr Faye.  I usually like Dr Faye, but she squeezed my tummy too and talked to mummy about it.  Then she put me back in my box with Dougall and took me to the back room.  I haven’t been in the back room before.  I was a bit nervous because, well, you know, Hugo and Fred and George told me about the back room and one day they didn’t come home. Continue reading “I’ve got new medicine”