Bath and a haircut

Mummy’s been threatening Dougall and me with a bath and haircut for ages.

Saturday it happened.

It’s not so bad, really.  I mean, I know I spend most of my time wondering whether I can jump out at the end where the little sea snake is.    But really, getting all wet, then getting wrapped up and dried with a towel and cuddled on Mummy’s lap while being rubbed with a towel, and then being blown with warm air is all very enjoyable. Continue reading “Bath and a haircut”


I can’t believe how cruel Mummy was to me today!  She took a big pair of scissors and cut my hair!  It was terrible.  I could feel her slicing through my hair.  Now I’m even shaggier.  She didn’t cut it all like she did with Dougall, she only cut half of it. It was much cooler out in the garden in the sunshine.  I didn’t get so hot chasing Uncle Hector.  She cut uncle Humphrey’s coat too.  He looks rather smart.  He says I should stand still to get my hair cut and I’d look smart too.  I don’t want my hair cut.  NEVER!!!