Z is for Zones and The End

Hello, Bertie here.

We’re in a different Zone here. We’re in Hampshire again. Hampshire’s in the South.  Norfolk is in the East. Those are different zones, or regions, of our country.

I like Hampshire. Mummy is looking for a new house for us here. I like this one but it’s only for holidays. She was chatting to the nice owner Gill, who brought us some tomatoes. They discussed the house we’re looking for and said this plus the one next door would be perfect. But Mummy’s going out every day to look at others, and to see family. I like family. They came here last time.

Blogging from A to Z

Z is also for The End of the alphabet. The End of our A to Z. It’s taken us all the way from April. We’ve had the whole of summer, eaten all the grass in the garden, met some foster babies, and changed around a bit.

The foster babies weren’t babies any more when they went back to Sophie on Thursday. Apparently they went to their new forever home yesterday. They’ve been eating all our food, obviously.

So, that’s the end of our A to Z Challenge. Roscoe sends his love. I hope you enjoyed our efforts.

What next?


Bertie xxx

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2 thoughts on “Z is for Zones and The End

  1. We live in the south. Not in Hampshire though. We live in a place that’s near Hastings. That doesn’t mean anything to me, and probably doesn’t to you, but the Mummy human says yours should recognize the name of that place, because apparently a lot of humans do. Anyway, well done on finding things for all the alphabet. I bet it wasn’t easy for some of the letters. I know I had trouble thinking what you might do for some of them. Enjoy your holiday, and good luck with the house search. Squeak soon, Joshua

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  2. I did enjoy all the letters! All of you did a great job, and shared some wonderful pictures. That’s what I like to see, pictures!
    Moving is a hassle, but it’s always nice to settle into a new place and learn the lay of the land, as it were!
    Baby piggies grow so quickly. I remember the day Ralph was born, she was so tiny. My son said the babies were like “key chain” Guinea pigs! The vet assistants wanted to put them in their pockets and keep them! (Ralph needed three trips to the vet to verify she was a she.)

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