Clean again

I’ve been feeling a bit poorly lately, but now it’s got sunny I feel a lot better.  I’m breathing better too.  It was all a bit like hard work over the last few days, but of course Mummy looked after me well.  I got extra cuddles too.

But she also noticed my tummy hair was a bit dirty.  It got damp and then dried all matted and I do have a little difficulty bending down to do that part these days.  So today she took me upstairs for a bath all on my own.  That’s a first!  Usually I go with my cage-mate.  I think she wanted to make sure I didnt get cold waiting for Humphrey to be washed while I was standing there wet.  Anyway, it was very nice, and she paid particular attention to my tummy and between my back legs.  I really appreciate that.

After the bath we did the usual thing of snuggling on her lap, all wrapped up in a nice towel.  I get quite dry like that, but then something new happened – she put me in a warm wind!  It felt very odd to start with but I began to like it, apart from the noise.  It was very nice blowing under my chin and down my tummy.

After she finished me off, I went back and had some hay and a snuggle in my grassy hutch, since Humphrey went off to have a bath of his own.  He had his hair cut a little too.  Mummy said his hair dried much faster than mine, though.  Isn’t that strange?

It’s nice and sunny out now, but Mummy brought us in some grass.  She says it’s still too cold and the grass is still too wet to go out.  Maybe tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Clean again

  1. Auntie Dawn

    That is strange. Saku’s hair took a long time to dry. Saku was a sheltie like Humph, as you’ll remember.

    Love you, sweet cheeks. XO


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