10. Princelings Revolution

The title occurred to me maybe five years ago, and I thought it would be book 8. Then there seemed so many more adventures to tell before we got to the end, which I knew from the very first book.

I hoped that things would fall apart in such a way there’d be real tension over the ‘Will they? Won’t they?’ just as there was with a musical I saw once called 1776 about the writing and signing of the US Declaration of Independence.

I don’t know whether I made that, but Fred, George and all the many characters, especially Willoughby, who have been in previous books show up and do their thing, with spaces for Oscar and Midge, previously unnamed, and Neville, Roscoe and Biggles featuring strongly.

It was all finished by late August 2020. And then the two new boys came home. In a twist of fate, I named them after characters, instead of the characters being named after guinea pigs!

I think it’s a fitting end to the saga. The paperback has an extra after the Acknowledgements – the Passing of Lord Mariusz, which is only found on here, as I discovered when I went looking for it.

Princelings Revolution

The tenth and final book of the Princelings of the East series brings our heroes to the brink of disaster. The Realms will never be the same again – but how will Fred, George, Jasmine, Willoughby and all the others fare?

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