Hello from Fred

Fred on holiday

I’m Fred.  I’m a guinea pig and I’m George’s brother.   Since he passed away in May 2011 Mummy asked me to take over his role looking after this website.  He was very keen on keeping it up to date and helping people understand more about our life and what we do, eat and everything.

You can find lots of pages about being a guinea pig and things we have been up to, under the headings on the bar near the top (the one that starts ‘Home’ then ‘Hello’).  If you keep your pointer on the word you see what pages are under that heading.  I’ve put George’s original welcome to the blog into the ‘Life Chez George’ section.  I hope the people that commented on that feel it’s the right thing to do.

The very wonderful thing on this place is the place to keep Mummy’s stories (under the heading ‘Stories’).  These are stories she’s hoping to get made into real books some day.  And they are about us and lots of our friends (and also characters we don’t know) but they are not really about us, they are just fantasy things, because we don’t really live in castles and have adventures with pirates and flying machines.  And I don’t have a girlfriend either.  I don’t know what I’d do with one if I had one, but I suppose the story is very nice.

Anyway I hope you like the continuing stories from George’s world, even though George isn’t here any more.  I’m planning on doing a tribute page for him.  You know, George – A Life.  That sort of thing.


Fred xx

4 thoughts on “Hello from Fred

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I like this intro a lot, F. It very clearly explains who George was and your role in taking over the blog.

    I think moving G’s original welcome as you did is the right thing to do, but you always do the right thing, don’t you, Sweetheart?

    Yes, the stories are fantasy, but they’ve been in my head for so long now that they’ve taken on a life of their own. Somewhere, I am sure, George is creating a flying machine and Mariusz is jumping through time tunnels and getting into all sorts of trouble. Sigh.

    Love the pic. You look exceptionally gorgeous in it, with your golden hair shining in the sun. The Look you’re giving Mummy is one of amused understanding and tolerance, I think.



  2. Victor

    I’ve taken over from Fred now. He died on 18th November. I miss him lots. I’ll try to be a good blogger. I don’t want to change his introduction though. I think Mummy will write Fred – A Life. It’ll be in the Tales from the Hutch section. With the others.


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  4. Jumping through time tunnels sounds so much fun! I am a morose Guinea Pig and I like to occasionally plunge into the depths of my existential crisis…ironically, my name is HOPE ! Since I am new on blogosphere, hope you will teach me a trick or two 🙂 Till then sending you a warm hug.


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