Mummy hasn’t come home!

Bertie here, in our house in Norfolk.

Mummy went out in the car as the storm ended yesterday, and she hasn’t come home!

She gave us lots of food and hay and stuff before she left. Roscoe says she had it all planned, wasn’t I listening? But I don’t remember her saying anything about staying out all night.

Roscoe says that Auntie Claire will come in on Tuesday with more food and we’ve got to be extra nice to her. She’s not been feeling well, but she’s still coming to look after us. That’s very nice of her.

But I thought we were going to go to Hampshire and have banging on the roof.

Roscoe sighs. ‘But the people are doing the floor as well and there will be machines and scraping and whining and probably dust and smells as well. Oh, and wood breaking noises.’

How does he know all this?

‘I pay attention to what Mam says,’ he says.

Well, I do too. I didn’t hear her say all this. If she told Roscoe during morning cuddles, then maybe that’s why. I was so busy having my grease gland cleaned and dried that I didn’t have time to listen to what Mummy was saying.

Well, as long as she’s safe in Hampshire. We’re safe here. And Auntie Claire is coming with more food.

We’ll be fine.


Bertie xxx

5 thoughts on “Mummy hasn’t come home!

  1. As long as everyone is safe, and there’s food, it’s all good. Although, I understand you being upset. I get upset when Mummy goes away too, even when I remember what she said about where she was going, and she usually leaves Daddy here with me when she’s not here. I’m glad your Mummy only didn’t come home because she’s in Hampshire and you’re not though, and it’s not that something happened because of all the nasty storms. Also, that’s real nice that Auntie Claire is coming in, even though she’s not feeling good. Squeak soon, Mollie

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  2. I’m sorry you got confused, Bertie boy, but Roscoe put you right, and I know you’ve had visitors every day.
    It’s a good thing you weren’t here with me today. A man who was working in the loft slipped, and put his foot through the ceiling! It made a big BANG which would have scared you all, but even worse, a lot of plaster fell into your cage 😮
    It’s all cleared up now, though, and someone will be coming to fix the hole later.
    See you soon
    Mummy xxxxxxxx


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