Five go on holiday to Mull 2

We had a nice sleep although we all kept waking up at odd times in a strange place. Mummy kept waking up too, and Hugo and Victor made a little grumbling but not much that night. I think they’d got over whatever it was that was fussing them.  Hugo and Victor were in the spare cage (Rabbit 100 de luxe) and Fred and I were in the box it came in. Here’s Victor watching the sunset:

Mummy gave us a cuddle before she got up and had breakfast, which was funny as it meant we were on the bed with her! After breakfast she went out for a long while and came back in the afternoon, when she put us out on the grass in the back.
This is the whole of the back yard area:

Mummy moved our cage and run around during the week so we got different grasses. She would put the cage and run down and bring her chair and a cup of tea and read a book or do something else. She said it was because there were ravens and eagles about and she didnt want them to think a piggy would make a nice supper. I’m glad of that! When we went back inside we got a surprise. Mummy had noticed that we couldnt see out of our box so she had made the front smaller so we could see what was going on in the cottage. I liked that. Fred would stand on the food bowl having his meal while mummy sat at the table eating hers and they would watch each other! Isnt that funny!
Here’s Fred in the box:

and here’s the inside of the cottage. You can see both the cages in the two windows and the bed beyond the bench and table. There was another room with two beds in it, but mummy said she didnt need to use that.

That was the pattern most days when it was sunny – mummy would go out in the morning and come back in the afternoon and put us out for our run.   She went birdwatching most days, and again in the evening she’d go for a walk down to the beach from the cottage. She did that on Tuesday and Friday when it rained too.
This is us in front of the cottage on another day:

And this is Calgary Bay that we drove through on the way to the cottage. The headland in the distance is the one on the right of the sunset picture on the first part of this story.

On Saturday it was time to come home so we packed up and came back the way we’d come although we stopped at different places on the way – Strathyre, which had some toilets for mummy and a big grassy area for us, just a mile or two from the Loch we saw the first time:

The grass was a bit damp but very nice so mummy gave us something to stand on and some shelter from the bright sunshine. We stayed with mummy’s cousin again and the next day we came all the way home, stopping just outside a place called Newark, in a pretty picnic place about a mile from the main road.

And that was it really. We enjoyed exploring on our holiday, and enjoyed the new sounds and the fresh air and the tasty grass. It doesnt stop us exploring new places in search of even better grass though!. Mummy says we’re going to Devon next time. I’m looking forward to it!
First published on GPRWA on 01/05/2009(c) Pett Projects    All photos copyright.

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