This is nice :)

Hello, it’s Bertie here.

We’re in Hampshire, but it’s not yet what Mummy said it would be. We’re in the cages in the living room like we were last time. That’s okay, of course.

When we arrived on Thursday, Mummy found that the floor was still damp from where they’d been working on it. Our living room is fine, that’s got carpet on it, and it’s really nice to run over.

The men came in to inspect it on Friday, and said it would have to wait till next week to dry out. The tiles aren’t down yet, so we can’t move anything out of the living room. Mummy just shrugged her shoulders, but moved us into our boxes and intot he bathroom while they did stuff to the floor.

While they did that, the other man did stuff to the ceiling in the living room. Roscoe told you last week there’d been a big hole in it, and the man had fixed it and made the ceiling a dark brown colour. Well, this week he made it a nice white colour. It looks much better. Mummy showed him the other rooms. Apparently there’s more work to be done when the floor’s finished.

Then there was some more fun when something else was found out, and the roof men came back and said the roof was dry. Why the ceiling was wet nobody really new, but apparently it’s drying out as the floor dries out. It’s all more than I can understand, and Mummy says nobody really understands the ceiling thing, they’re just making a best guess.

Meanwhile we’re enjoying ourselves in the cages and running around the house in the morning. Roscoe and I haven’t tried the other rooms yet, but they’ve got the same floor as the hallway. We try to get off it into the living room as soon as we can.

Maybe next week the floor will be finished.

Mummy says the man is coming to do the grass next week. That sounds promising.

Mummy’s going back to Norfolk for a couple of days, but we’re not. We’re here for good, she says. I think we like it here. It’s nice.

See you soon,

Bertie xxxx

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