Bertie with his snowmen bed

Mummy was out ALL WEEK!

Mummy was out all week last week.  She said it was something to do with golf. Sometimes she went out in her golf uniform, but sometimes she went out in funny clothes we'd never seen before.  One of them showed her legs.  It was all swirly around them like her morning coat.  I wasn't sure …

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Midge, Percy & Bertie floor time

I’ve been mistreated!

Bertie here.  I've had a terrible time this week. Okay, we went out on the grass for a couple of hours earlier in the week, but then it all changed. And I mean CHANGED. One day I was down having floor time in the kitchen like normal, and I came back to find my cage …

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At Last!!

Yay! I'm Piggy of the Month at last!  Last month it was Dougall and this month it's me and it's our first birthday on November 27th! We came to Mummy's house on 17th December when we were three weeks old, to live with Uncle Victor.  I like Uncle Victor.  I say hello to him very …

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