Runs and runs, and runs!

Hello! Bertie here again.

We are all keeping our distance from everyone except our immediate household. Roscoe and I had an argument about it in the garden and I won! I hope you are too.

We were out in the garden for the, um, seventh? day in a row. We have two days in the run, then it moves. It’s been moving across the garden. Then yesterday it took a step down the garden. Roscoe says it’s going to come back across next, but I say it’s going to continue down. We didn’t argue about that. We argued about who was going to give way in the tunnel.

It’s been lovely and sunny, and warm, and we’ve enjoyed the runs on the grass a lot.

Now when we go back in afterwards we find Mummy’s been working on new runs for us inside. They’ll take the place of our cages. I’ll be back in a nice 3×2 panel run. Roscoe and Neville will share a 4×2. Biggles is getting a funny shaped one which adds up to a 3×2, but fits our space better. Mummy says she likes to be able to walk round the back of Biggles’s cage to clean it.

Anyway, we’ll post photos when it’s finished.

Keep well


Bertie xxxx

One thought on “Runs and runs, and runs!

  1. Sounds like your Mummy is making your outside time nice and interesting with all the moving about of your outside runs. Also sounds like you’ll have lots of space for inside, which I expect you’re pleased about. At least all the setting up of your stuff is keeping your Mummy busy while she can’t go do her golf, since I assume she’s not doing that right now. Mummy says humans are on something called lockdown because of avirus. Makes no sense to me, but since she says it’s why she’s not hanging out on the beach as much as she usually would in this nicer weather with the dogs, I’m guessing your Mummy won’t be doing her golf. I wrote a post about how this avirus thing means the dogs are home more than I’d like them to be the other day. Squeak soon, Mollie

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