7. Willoughby The Narrator

Willoughby the Narrator is a character who first appears in the Talent Seekers. He’s based on Dawn’s Willoughby, and I always thought he needed his own book.  Since he became a Narrator, and started telling short stories on my blog, I hit upon the idea of him telling his own story of how he came to be stranded in the Realms when the time tunnel closed, and made his living by telling stories – as he showed in the Talent Seekers.

Willooughby and Saku touch noses
Willoughby and Saku (D)

Willoughby is also a ninja, a highly useful talent that will come back into play in the last of the series (book 10).

This story runs from the events of book 1 (set in 2009) right through to 2017, so it’s epic in style, and focuses on three periods of Willoughby’s career.  It also nearly explains how he survived after falling from a high tower in Book 5.  For lovers of small details, there are little threads that get picked up and moved on to other parts of the stories, that you can see crossing over in Willoughby’s life.

There are too many piggies featured as characters in this book to name here, but sons and daughters of the real pigs who inspired the earlier books appear, as well as old favourites like Fred, George, Victor, Mariusz, Saku, Lupin-Buckmore, and newer friends like Tatum, who was Midge & Oscar’s father in real life. And Willoughby is still trying to find the mysterious Hugo at the end of the story!

You can find the ebook for Kindle, iPad, Kobo, and Nook at Smashwords, as well as at your Amazon store.  It’s also available in paperback from Amazon and from Book Depository.

Here’s one of Willoughby’s short stories that isn’t in a book – yet. It also features Fred and George (and takes you to my blog).

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