Victor and Pippin settle in

I have new neighbours, Victor and Pippin

Hello, Locksley here. Well, you know we came home from our holiday without Biggles. Mummy took him to the undertaker and his ashes came home on Thursday. Mummy scattered them in the garden where Neville, Roscoe, and Bertie are. But the big excitement was when Mummy stayed out all night! She's never done that before. …

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What we did in Dorset

Hello. Ludo here again. You've seen that Biggles didn't complete our holiday, which is sad, but he slept most of the time and Mummy kept telling him it was time to go over the Rainbow Bridge, and Neville and Roscoe were waiting to welcome him. I'm sure that's true. When we arrived, Mummy put him …

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