Memories of Mull

Have you noticed that the picture on the top left – the one that used to be “Pig of the Month” has changed to “Calendar Boars”?

Mummy does that.  She made a calendar, which is a month by month list of dates and days so she can see what date it is and when ‘next Tuesday’ is and things like that.  I don’t know why, it’s just what Mummies do.  Anyway, this calendar is on large paper and hangs ont he wall above her computer.  Every month she turns the pages over and it shows the new month in a grid, and a big picture at the top.  From February onwards she’s been putting that same photo on the blog.  So we are synchronised Calendar Boars!

Isn’t that clever?

When I saw this one it brought back memories of travelling with Hugo for two days till we got to this place.  We’d been on a boat to get here, as well.  We crossed the water you can see in the background.  We had to travel for another hour on rather bumpy roads before we finally got out of our boxes and into our cages for a nice week’s holiday at Treshnish Farm..

You can read all about it in two pages in the Tales from the Hutch section.

I often wonder if Mummy’s going to go on holiday with us again some time.  I think she’d like to.  It’s just that four of us is enough for travelling.  Maybe one day we’ll go back to Mull.  I’d like that.

Mummy made a book about Dylan and Dougall as the Princelings of the North and based them at the place we went on holiday.  It’s a Christmas book, but you can get it free for your computer any time.  It’s called Dylan’s Yuletide Journey.

I’d quite like a holiday.  As long as the grass is nice and there’s a bit of sun, I’ll be happy.