1. The Princelings of the East

Book 1 in the saga of the two princelings, Fred and George, their travels and adventures.  A fantasy genre tale for all ages.

Available as an eBook from Amazon and Smashwords.

Download a sample to read from either before you decide to buy.


Chapter 1: The Castle in the Marsh

  • In which we meet the young Princelings and a good feast is ruined

Chapter 2:  Consequences

  • In which George loses his Engine, the castle reveals a Secret and Fred has an Idea

Chapter 3: The Tunnel Network

  • In which Fred meets a Mysterious Stranger and George finds a Sky Courtyard

Chapter 4: At the Inn of the Seventh Happiness

  • In which Fred learns more of the Energy Drain and we meet a Prince with a Purpose

Chapter 5: Strawberry Juice

  • In which George discovers the world of Wozna and the real value of Strawberry Juice

Chapter 6: The Energy Hunter

  • In which Fred meets the Energy Hunter and has to decide who to trust

Chapter 7: A Close Shave

  • In which George finds that Engineers need People Skills more than People need Engineering Skills

Chapter 8: Food for Thought

  • In which Hugo gets into a Lather and Fred takes a Philosophical View

Chapter 9: Relativity

  • In which George gets his lines crossed and asks a Vexed Question

Chapter 10: Castle Vexstein

  • In which Victor shows a surprising grasp of unreality and George is left to ponder the meaning of life

Chapter 11: Messages

  • In which Nimrod gets a message and Hugo jumps to conclusions

Chapter 12: The Adventures of Victor

  • In which Victor gets more than he bargained for but finds that brains often skip a generation

Chapter 13: A Question of Timing

  • In which Mariusz makes a pragmatic arrangement

Chapter 14: Return to the Inn

  • In which Fred and George have a decision to make and Hugo reveals his true self

Chapter 15: Epilogue

  • In which Mariusz receives some visitors

The Princelings of the East is copyright (c) Princelings Publications 2009-11.  The original concept for the story was first developed in “Sable and the Fiddlesticks” (c) GPRWA 2008.

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