My Nose and Midge’s Birthday

Hello, Bertie here today.

Last week was funny.  We went out in the garden on Monday and Tuesday. The next day it started raining so we didn’t go again until Saturday.  We still got our floor time in the morning. One of those days I got into a bit of an argument with Oscar when Mummy wasn’t looking.  He bit me on the nose!  It was only a scratch. By Friday it was looking a mess, because Mummy had washed the neat dried blood off and put sticky stuff called medicinal honey on it.  So it looks much worse than it is.  Here’s a picture of me on Saturday to prove it!

Bertie's nose bites

Sunday (yesterday) was nice.  Mummy moved our runs.  There’s less shade so we have to have the green shades up. There’s much more space, running between the vegetable beds again.

The most important part of Sunday was Midge’s birthday!  Mummy did one of her special cakes, at least that’s what Percy says it was. I’d never seen one before. Oscar had his own portion, which he ate right up, and so did I. Mine didn’t have candles on it, because it wasn’t my birthday.  My birthday is in February.  I share it with Biggles, who shared Midge’s cake with Midge and Percy.  I hope we get cake in February.  It’s yummy.  I finished it all up.  Well, so did everyone.


Midge creates mayhem

Dylan here, reporting on the newbies.

We’ve been getting along fine really.  Midge keeps trying to tell me that he’s bigger and better than me, and biting the bars and trying to stand up taller than me.  I just lie in my hammock and let him.  Young upstart.  I seem to remember I did that for a while.  I’ve been enjoying watching him and Oscar, though, especially when it’s floor time and I watch them patiently from the other side of the run panels. Continue reading “Midge creates mayhem”

Dylan in the doghouse

We had a very nice time in the garden today, but Mummy didn’t bring Colman and Kevin downstairs because she said it might rain and she didn’t want to dash everyone in when her hip was hurting.  Poor Mummy, she works so hard to look after us.  So Dylan, Dougall, Humphrey and I had a huge bit of run to mow with loads of grass in it, and it was all very yummy.  Of course Humphrey and I settled down straight away to sort out the longest grass, while the kids chatted to Hector through the cage bars, as he was next door in a smaller bit. Continue reading “Dylan in the doghouse”

Not fair!

Mummy’s been saying all week that she’d sort out the upstairs run so we could go back up there for the days in winter.  I was looking forward to it.  It’s got ramp tunnels and a loft area and Dougall and I used to have great fun running around in it.  We did sort of collapse the ramps just before we started going outside for the summer, and Mummy did warn me that if we didn’t fit in the tunnels we wouldn’t go up there.  But she never tested it on us!

It’s all Colman and Kevin’s fault. Continue reading “Not fair!”