Double Cuddle

Well, mummy did come back very late last night, and she gave us fresh hay and water and food and extra carrots to see us through the night and some nice slices of cucumber.  She’d been all the way to the south of England to see her niece, husband and her brother and sister-in-law.  And they watched the Royal Wedding we’d been hearing about on the radio.

Mummy said she’d had a nice day and was sorry that because she had set her alarm on her mobile which was still on winter time it hadnt gone off and she was very late for her train, so she hadnt given us much food in the morning.  But we agreed we’d had enough really.

This morning after she’d cuddled Hugo & Victor and us and Hector & Humphrey, she cuddled us again! ❤  I think it was as much because she wanted to watch the end of the racing programme and she’d finished all six of us so had time for us again, but I don’t care it was nice anyway.  Dandino is running this afternoon and we hope he’ll do well.  But she’s just told me that when I’ve finished this I can go out in the garden so bye-bye! :wave:

3 thoughts on “Double Cuddle

  1. Lady Snailspace

    Oh George, I knew you’d be ok 🙂 Sometimes it’s worth going without something for a little while, just to get the extra big something after 😀

    Glad Mummy had a lovely day!



  2. Auntie Dawn

    I heard that Dandino won. Woo hoo! I have a feeling that you and your brother were sending good Thoughts his way.

    I’m glad that Mummy had a nice time. See? She didn’t abandon you after all. As if that would ever happen….



  3. georgiepig

    Yes he did! We heard mummy calling to him and then a shriek when it was announced he’d won by a nose which is a very short distance indeed. Well done Dandino 😀


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