All cosy in Hampshire

Hello, Bertie here again.

We’re in Hampshire. Sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s dark, and sometimes it rains. Mummy just put the light on and said “It’s nearly 5 o’clock! But I suppose it would be later in Hampshire.”

This is very strange statement. Why would it be later in Hampshire? Roscoe told you it was after 4 last week in Norfolk, when Mummy put the light on. It seems a big jump from after 4 to nearly 5. Is that what Mummy’s talking about? Help!

We all have cages here now. Roscoe and I have the freedom of the house at run time in the morning. We mostly go from the kitchen to the living room and back. Mummy showed us the room that hasn’t got a hole in the wall any more. It’s got big glass doors like we have at home. Well, Norfolk home. She said we could run around in there too. Roscoe and I agreed we don’t trust the carpet.

We also agreed it’s best if we go back to the kitchen where the fleece is to wee and poop. There is a plastic sheet in front of our cages in the living room, but that covers the nice soft carpet. We think we should help Mummy keep it clean.

Mummy made some funny smells yesterday. One was in the kitchen. She said something about uncle Richard’s grill not working. The microwave bit works okay though. That’s why he and auntie Gill came round on Saturday. To bring Mummy a microwave. She uses that to make her dinner. I don’t understand it myself.

The other smell is from the bedroom. Mummy says she’s painting it. I’m sure this all makes sense to you. We just say “yes, Mummy,” and get back to what we’re doing.

Talking of dinner, Mummy gave us some strange multi-coloured and funny shaped pellets in our bowls. She said it’s called muesli. I quite like it, but Roscoe says he’d rather have the tasty pellets. Biggles doesn’t like the muesli at all and refuses to eat it. Well, Mummy just smiled. I heard what she said about Biggles’ weight last week. It’s one way of making him lose weight, I suppose.

We’re coming back to Norfolk before next weekend. Don’t we have an exciting life?!

See you next time,


Bertie xxxx

4 thoughts on “All cosy in Hampshire

  1. hilarymb

    Hi George – it seems your Mummy has been very busy and still is … but also it seems that the move has gone ok … and yes it does get lighter here earlier on the South Coast … take care and Spring is nearly here and then all those ‘funnies’ will be over and you’ll be settled. All the best – Hilary


  2. You certainly have a traveling life! When will your move be permanent. I expect your Mum is anxious to have all the traveling back and forth over with! Muesli is good for you!


  3. WOW! What an exciting time you’re having. The smells and it being later don’t make sense to me, but Mummy seems to think they make sense. Humans! Anyway, I’m glad you like the Hampshire house, and it doesn’t have a hole in the wall any more. Oh, and the muesli sounds tasty. Squeak soon, Mollie


  4. Auntie Dawn

    You’re very considerate to help keep the carpet clean.

    I understand what your mummy’s talking about most, but not all, of the time. Some of the golf talk escapes me.

    Digby continues to ignore his pellets. We thought he was reacting to the smaller size, so we bought him a larger pellet. He’s ignoring that, too. He loves his Oxbow apple/banana and barley biscuits, so he gets 3 of those a day. He’s a very odd pig.

    Augustus is massive and thus only gets 1/2 a biscuit a day. He doesn’t need to put on any more weight.



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