4. The Traveler in Black and White

The Adventures of Lord Mariusz of Hattan

TheTravelerCoverFinal1Set in Castle Hattan in 2013, this story tells of Lord Mariusz’s first encounters with the time tunnel that whisks him back to the land of the Princelings of the East.

Narrated by Lord Mariusz himself in a film noir style (and in US English).





  • Chapter 1: Time for Change
  • Chapter 2: Credit where it’s due
  • Chapter 3: Under Suspicion
  • Chapter 4: A Stitch in Time
  • Chapter 5: Work In Progress
  • Chapter 6: Mountains and Lakes
  • Chapter 7: Tricks and Treats
  • Chapter 8: Time and Again
  • Chapter 9: No Place like Home
  • Chapter 10: Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Chapter 11: Catching more than fish
  • Chapter 12: Hit and miss
  • Chapter 13: Unlucky for some
  • Chapter 14: Who’s Who
  • Chapter 15: Hattan

I’d put a cautionary PG or even PG-13 on this due to some suggestive passages when Hugo meets the ladies of Arbor.  But it’s only suggestive.

Published on Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes and other good eReader stores.

(c) Pett Projects 2010-12

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