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Ten years of George’s Guinea Pig World

Today is ten years since George wrote his ‘Hello’ greeting to readers of his brand new blog.  I thought we could celebrate with a recap and a giveaway, which closes on 13th June.


George was a modest chap, very keen on new technology, and on engineering his surroundings to make them more comfortable for Fred and himself.  He was appointed Forum Mechanic of the Rodents With Attitude Forum (sadly no longer with us), and amused many people with his matter-of-fact way of solving their piggy problems.  He also mentored them on using the site. Continue reading “Ten years of George’s Guinea Pig World”

Bertie and Percy

Introducing our new Apprentice

Hello, Percy here.  I hope you’re not too tired after the A to Z Challenge.  Apparently we have to say what we thought of it next week, so I’ll be doing that too.

The big news here is that Kevin has decided to take a back seat from the blog and the Facebook page.  He says it’s time he retired and made way for a younger chap.  But he’ll be here for advice and counselling, and to help me mentor our new apprentice – Bertie!

As you can see, Bertie is much bigger than he was in the photo yesterday of him and me and the snuggle sack.  He’s nearly three months old now, and learning fast.

He’ll probably turn up on Facebook soon, and the blog occasionally.

Monday meanderings

Did you see what I did there?  I did a M M sound.  It’s got a clever name for it, but I can’t remember what it is.  I’m only a guinea pig, and I haven’t been to school.  Well, not school where they teach writing and grammar. I have learnt how to blog ‘on the job’ as they say.

Kevin and I had a long chat and decided some things:

  • we would try to blog every Monday in future
  • it might get boring for you if we just told you what we did each week
  • we could interview people
  • we could tell more stories about our friends
  • we could tell you what silly things Mummy has done this week
  • we could ask you for ideas

We think those last two are quite clever.  What would you like to hear about?  Have you got ideas for us?

.. and…

would you like us to interview you?

Leave a comment below with your suggestions and whether you would like to be interviewed.  Mummy will send you our questions when we’ve thought of them.  They might be different each time.  We’ve never interviewed anybody before but you’re part of our world, so why not.  We also have started a list of people we think would be fun to interview and we might ask them.

We’re going to show you how difficult it is next week, when we interview Mummy!

See you then!


Wheekings about the A to Z Challenge

IMG_1844 IMG_1842

I’m very glad I did the A to Z Challenge.  Victor did it and now so have I.  Kevin helped me a lot.  I couldn’t have done it without him.

We spent lots of time looking for pictures of our friends, and finding the best ones.  Sometimes we couldn’t decide which to use so we used them all.  Well, not all, just all the ones we couldn’t choose between.  Sometimes Mummy did all the hard work about finding photos and putting them in the system because we’re not much good at that.  George could do it, but he was super-clever.

I did try to go round other blogs.  There were so many of them!  Mummy said to stick to the ones with AN after their names because that meant they were animals.  I did that and found most of them were dogs.  I’m sorry, dogs are very nice, especially Dixie and Dillon (hey, great name even if you can’t spell, mate!) but we are programmed to run away from dogs, so I found them very scary.  There was one blog about frogs, but it didn’t have AN on it.  Mummy found it and showed it to me.  After a few days of visiting I got tired, and it was tiring enough blogging, so I’m afraid we stopped visiting.  I know we should, and Mummy says she’ll let us know if there are some more blogs we’d like and we can go visit them later in the year, when we’ve recovered.

We had some nice new visitors and it was lovely meeting them.  Especially Val Bale, Sabina Ayne, Katie thecyborgmom, That’s Purrfect, Dixie and Dillon, Alex Hurst, Darla M Sands, JeremyH, Hannah G, Susan Kane, Auntie Rebecca, KaTy Did, Auntie Doris, The Hatching Cat, Antonia Hurst, Geoff, Eunice, Tawnya, Chrys Fey, Li, NotAPunkRocker, Shawn, Julie Fisher, Sarah Fergusson, eclecticalli, Catwoman, Cherdo, NJMagas, CompgeekDavid, Gene’O, Jeanne Melanson, Veronica, Liz Young, Natasha Duncan-Drake, Amy Fahrer,Venus Marie Lay, Helen Hollick, Romi, Clicksclan, Jen, and of course Auntie Dawn and Mummy.  And a special mention to Sarah Wathen, BMLilith, Russell Deasley and 5 Piggies in a Pot who are also following us.

Phew!  Kevin and I promise to visit you soon!



avatar_georgeGeorge.  Where would we be without him?

We wouldn’t have this blog, or a facebook page, or the upstairs run, or strawberry juice power plants, probably not even the Princelings of the East, although that really is both him and Fred.

George Forum MechanicYesterday I told you that Fred was the natural philosopher, the thinker.  Well, George was The Engineer.  He was even the Forum Mechanic on the Rodents with Attitude forum.  He took his duties very seriously, and when people asked for his advice he generally started his answers “well, I’m only a guinea pig, but…”  He was very polite and very wise.  So was Fred, but Fred didn’t really get into blogging and forums.  Not like George.  And George’s engineering genius is one of the key things (Mummy says use the word ‘cornerstones’ but I don’t know what that means) of the Princelings of the East series.

You think I’m exaggerating?  Well, look at the page on redesigns for grassy hutches.  He did that.  Have you seen the enormous run he designed, with ramps and different levels and room for lots of pigs?  He did that.  Vic and Dougall and I lived in for a bit, until Kevin and Colman needed it.  But he designed it and he and Fred enjoyed it for a whole six months before George died.

He had a lot of illness, George did.  Mainly abscesses on his neck and under his teeth.  He had very bad teeth.  That’s why Mummy went on dental course to learn how to help him.  He was so good – there are loads of pictures of him when he’s recovering from operations, still looking happy and enjoying life.  He used to just lie back and let himself be wrapped up, too.  I hate lying on my back.

Everyone says George was the best pig anyone could ever know, and you know something – I’m not even jealous.  Maybe he was.  I wish I’d met him.