5. The Talent Seekers

TheTalentSeekers_01_FinalThe fifth book in the Princelings series sees us with Humphrey, who escaped from the Lost City in the Prologue of Book3 and is making his way west as his mother suggested.

It also stars Willoughby, Diesel, Daph, Winston, Bertie, Glory, Freya, Hywel and Betty.  With Colman and Kevin as the baddies!

If you haven’t read the others, this is a good place to jump in, since there is little connection with the earlier books.  They all come together in the end, though!

You can buy The Talent Seekers on Amazon worldwide for your Kindle or Kindle app, or from Smashwords for all types of eReader, on the Apple iBookstore, or at B&N for NOOK.


Chapter 1: The Forest

In which Humphrey puts his foot in it

Chapter 2: The Chase

In which Humphrey gets caught in a round-up

Chapter 3: Market Day

In which Humphrey learns the basis of he free market

Chapter 4: One Thing after Another

In which Humphrey hears things to his advantage and Betty shows hidden talents

Chapter 5: Bed and Breakfast

In which Humphrey’s talents come in handy

Chapter 6: Mists of Time

In which Hywel feels poorly and Humphrey turns to stone

Chapter 7: Festival of White Horse

In which Humphrey learns to summarise things and ends up in the place of his dreams

Chapter 8: Wall running for beginners

In which Humphrey hears something to his advantage and Betty disguises herself

Chapter 9: Mind and Body

In which we meet the King of White Horse and he nearly meets with an accident

Chapter 10: Security Alert

In which Betty is interviewed and Humphrey is given little choice

Chapter 11: Under the hill

In which Betty becomes a herbalist and Humphrey goes deaf

Chapter 12: The Narrathon

In which Humphrey follows a path well trod and meets a hero

Chapter 13: An Explosive Mixture

In which the Narrathon meets a sticky end and Humphrey finds a new calling

Chapter 14: Back to School

In which Humphrey raises a long sword and his team builds a tower in ten minutes

Chapter 15: Breaking and Entering

In which Bertie opens up and Humphrey reads a lot

Chapter 16: The Power of the Mind

In which Humphrey meets his mentor and Diesel corners the market

Chapter 17: Preparations

In which Betty sends a message and Humphrey listens till dawn

Chapter 18: And Live To Fight Another Day

In which Betty and Willoughby display their skills and Humphrey displays his fear

Chapter 19: The End of the Beginning

In which Humphrey does some soul-searching and then some heavy listening

Chapter 20: Forest and Deeping

In which Humphrey loses his hearing and Willoughby goes wall-running again

Chapter 21: Evidence and Conjecture

In which Humphrey finds both old friends and new ones in deadly danger

Chapter 22: All for One

In which Glory shows her carving skills and Bertie sniffs out the garlic

Chapter 23: Long Road to Longmoor

In which Humphrey discovers the secret of the black hole

Chapter 24: Enlightenment

In which the General holds forth and Humphrey finds he has everything he wants


Published on Amazon worldwide, for the time being.

(c) Princelings Publications 2012-13


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