Gardening with the Gang

We usually go out in Mummy’s garden every day.  We would like to go out as soon as the sun starts shining in the morning as it is cool then, but mummy usually says the grass is too wet then.  I dont think it would be, we could always stay in our tent if it was, but that’s what she says and mummy’s Word is Law (usually, except if it’s Hugo listening).

As long as mummy’s around the house she will put us outside in the early afternoon, or else when she comes back from wherever she’s been, provided it isn’t wet.  Fred and I keep within the space she’s allocated for us (although Fred has nipped out a couple of times) but Hugo is really naughty and tries to get out as much as possible, so she has to give him the high bars surrounding him.  That means he sometimes doesnt get as long (in distance) a run as he’d like.  I think it’s his own fault.  Mummy knows she can trust us so we get to run all along the side of the vegetable patch, between the cage on one side and the raised bed border on the other.  She puts our tunnels in a line too, and sometimes we move them slightly to give us a sort of zigzag run.  Fred and I play a game to see who get go down them fastest and run back to the start.  Fred usually wins.  He’s really speedy.

One day before mummy knew how much Hugo wanted to get into our run she put the high fence up between his & Victor’s run and ours and Hugo pushed it over!  He and Victor came into our run and we had a nice time before Hugo started making mischief!

Four find the best grassThat’s Victor at the front, then Fred, with Hugo behind him and me in the tent.  Actually, come to think of it, that’s Hugo & Victor’s tent and tunnel, so we did go into their run and have a good snoop round!

We like eating the grass and mummy says we’re particualrly good at edging, so she doesnt have to trim the edges of the flower beds if she puts our run in the right place.  She also says that Hugo and Victor are good at trimming the grassy path but we are better at doing the lawn.  She doesnt have to cut the grass near to the house very often because we keep it under control for her.  This is just as well because last week she broke her lawnmower.  It made a funny noise then a funny smell, and she stopped and said a rude word.  Next day our runs were placed a bit further away than usual and she asked us to finish the bit she’d been mowing when it had broken.  We were very pleased to help out.

2 thoughts on “Gardening with the Gang

  1. George

    Thank you Penny Tuppence. Mummy was very pleased with our efforts last weekend, she says you can see the square where we’ve been on the lawn very well. It’s been wet this week though, so we havent been out 😦


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