3. The Princelings and the Lost City

ThePrincelingsandtheLostCity_FinalThis is the third story in the saga of the Princelings of the East.  They are best read in sequence.  This story contains some adult themes and might need a PG rating.

Fred has reached an understanding with Princess Kira of Dimerie, but a visit to their home castle sees the start of mystery, intrigue, mistaken identity and heartache.  Meanwhile, is George neglecting his duties for his new love?



Chapter 1: A New Machine

  • In which George finds an exciting new project and Lupin gets married

Chapter 2: Return to Castle Marsh

  • In which Kira names a cocktail and Fred leads us into the unknown

Chapter 3: The Forest

  • In which George reveals an extensive knowledge of birds and Fred chooses wisely

Chapter 4: Tree and Marsh

  • In which Fred and George explore many options and Kira gets people worried

Chapter 5: A Small Expedition

  • In which Kira makes eyes at Hunston, and Hunston takes Fred for a ride

Chapter 6: Theory and Practice

  • In which George develops a hypothesis and tests it on Kira

Chapter 7: Animus Arborum

  • In which Kira feels there is more to life than sewing

Chapter 8:  Missing You

  • In which Fred and Hunston make an entrance and Kira has a picnic

Chapter 9: Black and White

  • In which Kira meets the Huguenots and Fred introduces himself

Chapter 10: Evidence and C0njecture

  • In which Fred gathers intelligence and Kira uses hers

Chapter 11: All Roads Lead to Rome

  • In which Kira takes a road less well travelled, Fred hitches a ride and George tries out a new route

Chapter 12: A Nice day for a Picnic

  • In which Kira is frustrated, George is elated and Fred is taken for a ride

Chapter 13: A Problem Shared

  • In which Kira passes her test and Jess is given plenty of food for thought

Chapter 14: One Day at Buckmore

  • In which Jess discovers more about life and Fred maps out Kira’s route

Chapter 15: Into the Woods

  • In which Fred and Hunston have to wait while others make the decisions

Chapter 16: De Profundis

  • In which Fred witnesses the Liberation of Arbor and George gets his message across

Chapter 17: Epilogue

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The Princelings and the Lost City (c) Pett Projects 2009-12


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