J is for Just for Boars #A2ZChallenge22

Hello, Biggles here again. Today is our J day, and my pals here couldn't think of anything they liked that begins with J. We're doing the A to Z Challenge and we're now on day 10, because it doesn't run on Sundays. I have two things that I like beginning with J. Joint Support tablets …

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roscoe and Neville in the bath

A Question of Baths

Hello, Ludo here. I agree with Biggles about last week. They came back this week but didn't make too much noise. Mummy was pleased she could have a shower on Wednesday. Mummy doesn't have baths. Biggles says there is no Mummy-sized bath in this house, although there are two piggy-sized ones. Auntie Noelle asked a …

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