Neville & Roscoe with a bit of box

I’m still here!

Hi, Percy here.  I'm very pleased to report that I'm still with you.  Mummy has been giving me Metacam twice every day, and my lump has gone down enough for me to straighten my jaw and eat more or less properly. I'm not surprised Mummy was really worried about me, though, I felt really poorly …

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Summer in the garden

I suppose some guinea pigs might not go out in the garden much.  Some may have to go out whether it's raining or not.  I don't know.  I only know that when Mummy's home and it's warm enough, and dry enough, we go out in the garden to eat the grass.  She calls it lawn-mowing. …

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It’s been very quiet here – except for the thunderstorms

I have to apologise again.  It's been a very boring summer.  Most days we haven't got outside to eat grass.  Some days we've gone out and Mummy's stood by us, watching the skies, then brought us in again in a hurry.  Sometimes its then poured with rain, sometimes its only been a few spots and …

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