Summer in the garden

I suppose some guinea pigs might not go out in the garden much.  Some may have to go out whether it’s raining or not.  I don’t know.  I only know that when Mummy’s home and it’s warm enough, and dry enough, we go out in the garden to eat the grass.  She calls it lawn-mowing.

This summer, Bertie has been in his own run, Oscar has been in his, and Midge, Biggles and I have been in the other – usually a much bigger one.  Mummy says it’s because we have three times as much grass to get through than the others.  I know it’s also because she likes it when we all run around together and are sociable.  I like being sociable too.

We socialise in the morning, on the floor in the kitchen, and we do that all year round.  I like doing that, because it’s always the same temperature, and there’s hay in a box to jump in and munch.  We (Midge and I) have been running around with Biggles, once he started being friendly and not aggressive to us.  He’s a bit bossy, but nowhere near as bad as Bertie.  Bertie and Biggles just attack each other, so Mummy makes sure they aren’t in the same place at the same time.

Just recently, Bertie has been more sociable with me, after Mummy has taken Midge upstairs.  Mummy noticed, so she’s giving us more time to get along.  Bertie’s getting much better all round – he comes over to ask Mummy for a head scratch sometimes, which she likes doing.  His nose is better now; those two black spots have disappeared.

I think Mummy might put Bertie and me in a run on the grass together, to see how we get along.  Midge can socialise with Biggles okay, although he’s not very patient with him.  It’s funny, because they look very alike.

Oscar and Midge and I went to see Dr Sally this week – Oscar and me for a check-up, and Midge because he’d set a new world record for heavyweight pigs.  She checked him over and he’s fine.  She checked us and we’re pretty much the same as we were although my lump’s got bigger.  They decided that they’d give us a summer in the garden to see what Dr Sun and Dr Greengrass can do. It’s not as easy to ignore my lump as it was, but Mummy gives me something every day to make sure it doesn’t hurt, and I’m getting used to it.

Dr Sally wants to see us again next month.  That’s a date, then, Dr Sally!


V for Vets #AtoZChallenge

Kevin and his morning meds
Kevin and his morning meds

Hello! I’m Kevin.  I’m a ginger and white guinea pig and I look after both George’s Guinea Pig World and our Facebook page.  Percy and I have been sharing the workload for our A to Z Challenge this year, and I’ll be doing this last week.

Our theme is “Our Favourite Things” – and I hope you’re not tired out from all this blog-visiting!

vV is for Vets!

Our vet is Dr Sally at All Creatures Health Care.  I like Dr Sally, even when she squidges my bottom. They really do look after all creatures. We’ve often seen lizards and parrots and tortoises when we’ve been there. I must admit I don’t like having to stay there and Mummy going home, but I’ve always come home again eventually.

screen-shot-2017-02-26-at-21-46-15Sometimes people don’t come home again, which is very sad. Mummy doesn’t usually take photos at the vets, although if we’ve got something wrong with us she sometimes takes close-up pictures and puts them on the Rodents With Attitude forum for people to look at.

Here’re some old pictures of Hugo at the vets, with Nurse Amber fixing up his special oxygen for his lungs.

Tomorrow it’s W.  I think Percy really ought to write it tomorrow, but he says it’s still my turn.



We met Dr Sally last week!

Last Thursday morning we got loaded into the blue carry boxes. Then we were picked up and strapped in on the back seat of Mummy’s car.  I was in my nice snuggle sac. Oscar came in beside me.  We all set off which was funny, because I’ve been in a box in a car before, but I don’t remember much about it.  I was nervous, because something horrid has always happened before.  But I didn’t have Oscar with me before.  He said everything would be fine if I let him have my snuggle sac.  I wasn’t sure about this, so we had a slight argument about it, and we heard Mummy say something like ‘settle down, boys,’ so we did.  He was inside the snuggle sac and I wasn’t.

Me and my snuggle sac
Me and my snuggle sac

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Oh dear :O

Mummy took me, Dougall and Kevin to the vet last week for a checkup.  She said we didn’t seem very happy at the moment.  Well, she was quite right, I haven’t felt really happy since Victor died, although Colman’s birthday party was fun.  We came out of mourning for Colman on Friday, in case you haven’t noticed.  Seven weeks already.  It doesn’t seem very long.  Although we’ve been missing him for ages.  Isn’t time funny?


So, we went to see Dr Sally for a ‘senior check-up’.  Senior?  Oh, I suppose so – it’s our fourth birthday at the end of next week.   Continue reading “Oh dear :O”

It’s been very quiet here – except for the thunderstorms

I have to apologise again.  It’s been a very boring summer.  Most days we haven’t got outside to eat grass.  Some days we’ve gone out and Mummy’s stood by us, watching the skies, then brought us in again in a hurry.  Sometimes its then poured with rain, sometimes its only been a few spots and we could have stayed out really. Continue reading “It’s been very quiet here – except for the thunderstorms”