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There’s something called A to Z

Hello everybody, Bertie here!

There’s something called A to Z where you go through the alphabet during April, posting every day about something beginning with the right letter.  Percy was doing it when Biggles and I came to live with him.  Well, he was still doing it when we got too big to be in the same cage and he went to live with Midge, but that’s another story.

Percy and Bertie in the zebra sack

Anyway, next month is April, and I asked Mummy if we could do it.

Mummy: you know it’s a lot of work, Bertie?

Me: Well, maybe.

Mummy: and you have to find time to visit everyone who visits you.

Me: I can do that.

Mummy: and you have to think of a topic for each letter of the alphabet, and find pictures of it, and make a nice post.

Me: I can do that.

Mummy: Every day. Probably instead of grass time.

Me: Er….

Mummy: I tell you what.  Get together with Roscoe and the others and see if you can make a list of things to post about.  Roscoe can post the list here next week.  Maybe aunties can give you ideas for any gaps.

Me: er… okay.  And then can we do the A to Z in April?

Mummy: Maybe.  Why not just post once a week from A to Z?  That would take you through to the autumn.  It wouldn’t be so much work for you and you’d still have grass time.

Me: That sounds great!  Do we still have to make the list?

Mummy: That’s up to you.

Bertie talks to Roscoe

So, I told Roscoe all about it, and we’re going to put a list together.  He might put it up next week, or I’ll do it the week after. But it isn’t going to be all done in April.  It’s going to be a Long-term Project.

Don’t you think that’s a good idea?

See you next time


Bertie xxx



Exciting News x 2

We’ve got exciting news!

  1. Mummy says we can do the A to Z Challenge in April, as long as we don’t do too much writing for it.  We can do a picture and a few words.  So that’s what we’re doing.
  2. Auntie Dawn has brought a new piggie home, because she has room now Atti has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  That’s what happens, since so many piggies need rehoming.  The new piggy is called Gus, or Augustus, and he’s a little like Willoughby and a little like Digby.


And even more exciting news, Auntie Sophie brought three new girlies home and a few weeks later one of them has had four babies, 2 boys and 2 girls, and another had 3 babies: 2 girls and 1 boy.  This is why piggies need rehoming, by the way.

Happy New Year

Welcome to our blog in 2017!

We had a restful New Year’s Eve, although there were fireworks at midnight, but we ignored them.  Mummy had been watching a noisy film, and there were a lot of people who visited on Thursday.  Mummy put me and Oscar upstairs in a small blue cage, but a few people came to admire us.  We went back downstairs when they’d all left, so we weren’t in the blue cage for long.  Oscar bickered a few times, and set Midge off chattering at him, but generally the pair of them were well behaved.  Kevin ignored us.  He does that when he’s in his run.  I think he has better things to do than socialise.

I love socialising.  I see Mummy’s put a picture of Humphrey, Hector and Hugo socialising at the top of the page.  That’s good.  I wish these boys were more social.  They’re hard work, I can tell you.  But I suppose they’re all right.

Mummy’s asked Kevin and me to discuss whether we want to do the A to Z Blogging Challenge in April.  We don’t have to decide for a while, but she wants us to say what we think and how we’d do it, if we want to.  We don’t have to.  Victor did it, and I think George did too.  It might be fun, or it might be hard work.

I’ll have to lie down and think about it.


Wheekings about the A to Z Challenge

IMG_1844 IMG_1842

I’m very glad I did the A to Z Challenge.  Victor did it and now so have I.  Kevin helped me a lot.  I couldn’t have done it without him.

We spent lots of time looking for pictures of our friends, and finding the best ones.  Sometimes we couldn’t decide which to use so we used them all.  Well, not all, just all the ones we couldn’t choose between.  Sometimes Mummy did all the hard work about finding photos and putting them in the system because we’re not much good at that.  George could do it, but he was super-clever.

I did try to go round other blogs.  There were so many of them!  Mummy said to stick to the ones with AN after their names because that meant they were animals.  I did that and found most of them were dogs.  I’m sorry, dogs are very nice, especially Dixie and Dillon (hey, great name even if you can’t spell, mate!) but we are programmed to run away from dogs, so I found them very scary.  There was one blog about frogs, but it didn’t have AN on it.  Mummy found it and showed it to me.  After a few days of visiting I got tired, and it was tiring enough blogging, so I’m afraid we stopped visiting.  I know we should, and Mummy says she’ll let us know if there are some more blogs we’d like and we can go visit them later in the year, when we’ve recovered.

We had some nice new visitors and it was lovely meeting them.  Especially Val Bale, Sabina Ayne, Katie thecyborgmom, That’s Purrfect, Dixie and Dillon, Alex Hurst, Darla M Sands, JeremyH, Hannah G, Susan Kane, Auntie Rebecca, KaTy Did, Auntie Doris, The Hatching Cat, Antonia Hurst, Geoff, Eunice, Tawnya, Chrys Fey, Li, NotAPunkRocker, Shawn, Julie Fisher, Sarah Fergusson, eclecticalli, Catwoman, Cherdo, NJMagas, CompgeekDavid, Gene’O, Jeanne Melanson, Veronica, Liz Young, Natasha Duncan-Drake, Amy Fahrer,Venus Marie Lay, Helen Hollick, Romi, Clicksclan, Jen, and of course Auntie Dawn and Mummy.  And a special mention to Sarah Wathen, BMLilith, Russell Deasley and 5 Piggies in a Pot who are also following us.

Phew!  Kevin and I promise to visit you soon!


We did it!

We’ve finished the A to Z Challenge.

Mummy says we have to keep up our blogging now, maybe not every day, but decide when we’re going to do it and stick to it.  Maybe once a week.

Maybe we’ll do one a week.  Starting on Monday.

Today I’ll just tell you it’s May 1st and Mummy has changed the calendar.  I think the picture wasn’t that interesting, but it did include Humphrey in the garden so I’ve picked a different Humphrey in the garden picture for you.  There are small pictures of George and Victor in May, too, but that’s because it’s their anniversaries this month.

Colman and Hector are both feeling their age today, which is a shame as it’s Hector’s Official Birthday and he’s five years old today.  So we’re not having a party, but we wish Hector a happy birthday anyway.  Hector had his teeth trimmed by Mummy this morning, so no wonder he’s not feeling good. Colman just wants to sleep today.  He even left some of his red pepper, which he usually eats first.

Kevin and I are just recovering after our April Posting Marathon.  I’m glad I did it, but I don’t want to do it again.  It was nice to meet lots of lovely new people though.  Mummy says I have to post on Monday to talk about all the things I thought of in the A to Z, so I’ll talk about that then.