Z for Zebra stripes #AtoZChallenge

Hello! I’m Kevin.  I’m a ginger and white guinea pig and I look after both George’s Guinea Pig World and our Facebook page.  Percy and I have been sharing the workload for our A to Z Challenge this year, and I’ll be doing this last week.

Our theme is “Our Favourite Things” – and I hope you’re not tired out from all this blog-visiting (I am)!

Zebra striped snuggle sack

Our zebra snuggle sack is everyone’s favourite.  It’s quite old, but it’s worn really well, especially when you consider it gets sat on, sat in, and washed quite often too.  It’s got cotton fabric outside and thick fleece in with an extra bottom layer to make it even comfier.

Mummy got it originally for Hugo, who was black and white with a Zorro stripe on his side, just like Auntie Dawn’s Mariusz.  They were pretty hard to tell apart, which is why, when Mummy wrote her books, Hugo and Mariusz were the same person!

As far as I know, Mariusz never hid in the zebra snuggle sack, which Mummy calls the camouflage sack.  All our black and white pigs use it to hide in plain sight.  Humphrey’s and Hector’s white noses disappear very well into the general stripeyness.  The grey and white piggies have used it too, and at the start of the A to Z it was Percy’s, although Bertie & Biggles put in a strong bid for it.  Mummy eventually gave it to Percy and Midge, and they’re very pleased.

This is the end of our A to Z 2017 and I hope you enjoyed learning about Our Favourite Things.

Did you see the interview we did on Mummy’s blog?

Apparently we have to do something called Reflections on Monday week.  Come back and see us then – and every Monday.  We’ll be here, probably with a new apprentice!

I for Indoors #AtoZChallenge


Hi, Kevin here.  We’re into the second week of the A to Z Challenge, and in case you’re just visiting, I’m a six year old ginger and white guinea pig.  This blog was started by Fred and George, Mummy’s very first guinea pigs.  She writes books about them too.

Our A to Z Challenge theme is “Our Favourite Things”

iI is for Indoors

We are indoor guinea pigs.  We have cages and runs in the house, and Mummy lets us run around in the kitchen every day.  Sometimes we get a special treat and run around in the living room on a special blanket.  That’s usually for special events like winter birthday parties.  Summer birthday parties are usually in the garden.

Here are some pictures of us indoors.

If you go to our Youtube Playlist you’ll find lots of moving pictures of us running around indoors.  Mummy’s found this one of me and Colman running around on the floor, about six months after we came here. The floor does get swept after we’ve all finished!  I’d forgotten about this.  It’s four years ago already.

H for Hay #AtoZChallenge

Version 2 (9)

Hi, Kevin here.  We’re into the second week of the A to Z Challenge, and in case you’re just visiting, I’m a six year old ginger and white guinea pig.  This blog was started by Fred and George, Mummy’s very first guinea pigs.  She writes books about them too.

Our A to Z Challenge theme is “Our Favourite Things”

hH is for Hay

Hay is marvellous stuff.  It’s best straight from the bag, although Mummy doesn’t understand why clean looking hay that’s been in the cage for an hour or two needs to be supplemented with some from the bag.  Well, a guinea pig can never have enough hay (and neither can a rabbit or a horse for that matter).

Hay is great to eat, full of good fibre and tough stalks to help our teeth work properly.

With the help of George, Humphrey, Hector, Oscar, Midge, Victor, Hugo, Percy and me, here we demonstrate its uses. (mouse over the picture for the caption)

and, if Mummy can get it to work, here is a video of me eating hay. I’ve got a touch of conjunctivitis, in case you wondered about my weepy eye.

See more guinea pig videos on our Facebook page or on our Youtube Playlist

C for Cuddles #AtoZChallenge



Hello and welcome to George’s Guinea Pig World.  I’m Percy, and I run this place with Kevin.  George set it up in 2009, which is before I was born.  I live with Bertie & Biggles in a nice cage next to Oscar, and his brother Midge lives next to Kevin.

Our A to Z theme is “Our Favourite Things”

cC is for Cuddles

Cuddles are definitely the most important part of the day.  We always have cuddles in the morning, along with Cucumber, which is probably our most favourite thing of all.  Sometimes we have cuddles at other times of the day too.

We showed you pictures of auntie-cuddles on Saturday, and here are some pictures of cuddles on Mummy’s lap and more with aunties.

Tomorrow it’s letter D for something beginning with D.


Oscar and Midge have been here two years!

Kevin here again.  It’s a weekend of anniversaries for us here, since it’s two years since Humphrey went over the Rainbow Bridge, and three days later Mummy brought Oscar and Midge home from Auntie Vikki’s house.  Or did Auntie Vikki come over and visit us all?  I can’t remember, maybe the latter.  I always enjoy it when Auntie Vikki comes to visit.

Oscar & Midge 271114

Anyway, Mummy put Oscar and Midge in the cage next door to Dylan and Dougall, the one Humphrey and Victor had lived in.  And Dylan got the hump.  Big time.  He hated that Humphrey and Victor had gone, and he blamed it all on Oscar and Midge.  And Oscar took one look at Dylan and decided he had to out-boss him.  Bad move, Oscar… you were never going to win that battle.  Mummy made sure you didn’t fight him of course, although Dylan gave you a sharp nip every now and then to put you in your place, and then you started bullying Midge, and Mummy had to separate you.

You still don’t get on, even though you’ve forgiven Mummy whatever it was that you used to bite her for.  Midge is a sweet boy, but you, Oscar are like Jekyll and Hyde – one minute loving and cuddly (mainly with Mummy) and the next minute biting the bars and rumbling at me or Midge in the garden.  It’s a good thing Percy gets on with you.  But then, he gets on with everyone.  Even me, even though I don’t show it.

Anyway, happy Gotcha Day, Oscar and Midge.  You lucky boys!

We did it!

We’ve finished the A to Z Challenge.

Mummy says we have to keep up our blogging now, maybe not every day, but decide when we’re going to do it and stick to it.  Maybe once a week.

Maybe we’ll do one a week.  Starting on Monday.

Today I’ll just tell you it’s May 1st and Mummy has changed the calendar.  I think the picture wasn’t that interesting, but it did include Humphrey in the garden so I’ve picked a different Humphrey in the garden picture for you.  There are small pictures of George and Victor in May, too, but that’s because it’s their anniversaries this month.

Colman and Hector are both feeling their age today, which is a shame as it’s Hector’s Official Birthday and he’s five years old today.  So we’re not having a party, but we wish Hector a happy birthday anyway.  Hector had his teeth trimmed by Mummy this morning, so no wonder he’s not feeling good. Colman just wants to sleep today.  He even left some of his red pepper, which he usually eats first.

Kevin and I are just recovering after our April Posting Marathon.  I’m glad I did it, but I don’t want to do it again.  It was nice to meet lots of lovely new people though.  Mummy says I have to post on Monday to talk about all the things I thought of in the A to Z, so I’ll talk about that then.


Uncles are very important in a guinea pig’s life.  I expect lady pigs need aunties, but boars need uncles.  It’s so that we don’t go and make babies by mistake, so I’m told.

Vic and the babies

Anyway, when I was very young (3 weeks) I left my birth mother (dam) and came to live with an older pig so that he could teach me how to be a proper guinea pig.  That was Victor.  He knew all about being an Uncle because he had an uncle when he was 3 weeks as well.  Some people say we don’t need uncles until we’re six weeks, but all the wise guinea pig owners know that we can make babies when we’re four weeks if there’s the right lady pig around.  But we shouldn’t live on our own until we’re at least six weeks, sometimes even eight weeks (Auntie Doris says it should be judged on weight, not age).

So Dougall and I came to live with Victor because he was ready to be an uncle to us, and Mummy wanted us to stay forever anyway, so it all worked well.  Then we met Humphrey as well, and he was a pretty good uncle too.  When Victor moved out of our cage he went to live with Humphrey and we messed about with both of them whenever we had floor time or grass time.

They were great uncles and I miss them.  I miss teasing Humphrey and making him think I’m going to jump on him.  I miss snuggling up to Victor and grooming his eye when it was weepy.  I’m glad they are both out of pain and safe over the Rainbow Bridge, but I still miss them.

Dougall’s getting in some practice at being an uncle with Oscar and Midge, but I don’t want to be an uncle.  I want to be in charge.  Oscar doesn’t seem to realise that yet.  And tomorrow is V and that’s for Victor.

Hugo, Humphrey and Hector

What a lot of Hs we have.  Or did have.  I only knew Humphrey and Hector.

Hugo 090109

Hugo died not long after George.  But he was Victor’s friend and Victor was our Uncle piggy and looked after Dougall and me when we were tiny.  So Victor told us about him.  He was cheeky and wise and into everything.  Show him a bag and he was in it, checking out what had been in it before.  Show him some plastic and he’d chew it.  He even chewed a hole in a wire for Mummy’s phone and it would ring but Mummy couldn’t use it any more.  She has phones that don’t have wires now.  Well, not on the outside.


When Hugo first went into the rescue he looked huge, so he was nicknamed Huge Hugo.  After he’d been here some time he started having tummy trouble, and lost weight.  He looked like an ordinary piggy then. Although Mummy tried hard to make him better, he got sick and eventually died.  Mummy says we (me and Dougall) are much Huger than he ever was, though.  And it’s not just hair.  (flexes muscles)

Humphrey and Hector
Humphrey and Hector

Humphrey was in the rescue with Hector a few years later.  They had been found in a flat that had been empty for a month.  Just left to starve.  They were both still skinny after being in the rescue for a month.  Hector had been eating Humphrey’s hair.  Good thing Humphrey had long hair.  I liked Humphrey.  He  lived next door to me and we ran around with him and Uncle Victor when it was run time.  Humphrey was very patient with me, and didn’t mind me jumping on him at all.  Although he did get bored and wander off to find somewhere quiet for a snooze or a bite to eat when he could.


Hector started pushing Humphrey around and making him all upset, about the time when we were getting big enough to live on our own, and also when Colman and Kevin arrived.  Mummy moved people around so Victor and Humphrey lived together, and Hector lives in the cage opposite us on his own.  Well, he didn’t really get on with anyone.  Not even Mummy.  He used to bite her if her fingers were anywhere near his head.  She was very kind to him and now he knows he was silly and he cuddles up to Mummy especially when she gives him things to make him feel better.  He’s got bad teeth like George used to have.  Mummy thinks it was because of something called mal-new-trishon when he was young.  He was only about three months old when he was abandoned.  It must be horrid to be abandoned.  Mummy says he was just a juvenile delinquent who didn’t know any better.  Now he knows better, and he’s a very loving guinea pig.

Hector's mellow fruitfulness

He won a prize for this photo.  He does look sweet in it, doesn’t he?

Humphrey and Hugo are both in Mummy’s books.  Humphrey stars in The Talent Seekers and Hugo turns up in a lot of them, especially Traveler in Black and White.  Hugo turns up everywhere, like he always did!

So that’s my H post today – about Humphrey, Hector and Hugo.

Three Hs and Hec's birthday cake

Seven weeks went by

Seven weeks went by and we changed from end of summer to deep dark, damp winter.  That’s what it seems like anyway.  It’s a long time since Humphrey left us and Midge and Oscar came.

It’s an even longer time since Fred left the house, and Dougall and I weren’t even alive then.  Yesterday was his Thinking day and Mummy thought about him a lot.  She talked to me about him during our morning cuddle too.  She said only Hector remembers Fred, George, and Hugo now, and I should learn all I can from him so I can pass on their wisdom to the next generation. Continue reading “Seven weeks went by”

All quiet here

It’s all quiet here at the Famous Five’s hang-out.  I don’t know why because Humphrey was very quiet.  I suppose Dougall and I are feeling a bit down and there’s a big empty cage next to us.  It’s a bit scary to tell the truth.

Mummy says we’re in mourning for seven weeks as usual, and that takes us to 19th November.  That’s a long way away.  It’s the day after Fred’s anniversary and it’s only a week before our birthday :O Continue reading “All quiet here”