Five go on holiday to Mull 1

Hello everyone
I thought you might like to hear about our holiday. We went on our boxes in the back of mummy’s car. On the first day it started on a windy road and I felt a bit queasy, then it was on a straight road. We stopped after a while but it was cold and wet, Mummy said, so she just opened our boxes and gave us some cucumber but I didnt feel like eating. Then we started up again and carried on on this straightish road, although it was quite noisy. Mummy was playing music but after the stop she played a birdsong tape which made me feel a bit better. There was one funny bit of road where my ears went all funny, like they popped. Then soon after that we stopped at mummy’s cousins house where she got our cages out and we spent the night in a dark room hidden away cos we could hear the sound of the dogs in the other room.
Victor and Hugo were a right pain that night. There were Fred and I trying to sleep and recover from our journey, and Victor and Hugo had a real argument about who was sleeping in the tent. By the time mummy came to feed us in the morning they were jumping on each other and Victor was trying to bite Hugo. Mummy told them off and spoke to them but still gave them a cuddle, then she picked us up (we were both in our fleece) and took us over to the window where she sat on the bed to give us a cuddle. Suddenly there was a huge squeal from Hugo and all sorts of noises going on, so she left us in our fleece to try to sort them out. And suddenly we were flying through the air and landed bump on the carpet! Fred staggered out and looked around, but mummy came rushing over to us and checked him over, then checked me over and apologised to us. We were ok though.

She put us back in our boxes and in the car and we set off again. This time we were on the straight road very soon, and she put on some music and was singing along to it, something about a hotel in California. After a while we stopped and i thought we might be getting out but she said a rude word and we stopped and started for a bit, and then got going again. The road got windy again, but very soon we had a break and this is where we were:

It was some nice grass by a large lake called a Loch, with trees around, and it was sunny and the birds were singing. We took it in turns to use the run and mummy sat in a chair and ate her sandwiches and watched over us.
After a bit we got back in the car and set off again on a windy road but it was quite comfortable. When we stopped this time we could smell a funny smell and there were seagulls crying out. Mummy moved us onto the front seat and suddenly it all went dark and very very noisy, and she took our boxes out and we wobbled about a bit till it went light and we could hear the seagulls again. And this is where we were:

Mummy said it was the Oban-Mull ferry!
Eventually we had to go down into the dark again and waited to be let out of the ferry. We set off down the road but soon stopped again, and mummy said another rude word when she went backwards and stopped very suddenly indeed. She went into the shop and got lots of rustly packages which she put in the car, then we went only a few minutes before she stopped again to give us another break:

After that we went on very bumpy and windy roads that got bumpier and bumpier and windier and windier until we finally came to a stop and mummy said we’d Arrived.
She put us in the run on top of a hill with a view of space and hills and sea around, and said she’d get everything ready for us quickly as it was getting cold. And it was because the sun was going down into the sea.

and I’ll tell you about the rest of our trip tomorrow!

First published on GPRWA on 31/04/2009

(c) Pett Projects    All photos copyright.

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