Neville’s worried about me, I can tell

Way-aye, Roscoe here again.

I’d like to say I’m fine, and I am, but I still have these pains inside that make me grump and ouch. I have lots of meds for them, and Dr Rebecca says it’s a bladder stone, but not worryingly big or worryingly small. She wants me to take the meds, and the extras, and drink lots, and get better.

I’d like that too. And so would Mam. And Neville sometimes sits next to me when I’m having a bad patch and says helpful things too. I know he’s worried about me.

But then he goes and gets that funny breathing and honking thing. Mam says she’s met pigs like that before, and first off she stuck smelly stuff on his nose. It helped, but not a lot. Then she gave him Sulfatrim like I’m on. He had it for a week and seemed better, but the day after she stopped, he started honking again.

So there we were last night, him honking and me squawking, and Mam worried about both of us. And Biggles is sitting up our end of his run, and trying to give us moral support, and even Locksley is sitting up in his run, looking down on us and wondering what’s happening.

Mam’s going to talk to Dr Rebecca today, and we’ll maybe go and see her again. Well, it’ll be me going with Neville to see her, rather than him coming with me. And I need some more of my meds, anyway.

Meanwhile, Ludo is being very adventurous, having walked into the room from the hallway this morning. Mam’s had all the run panels out on the grass, so she’s had to let him run free as soon as she’s more or less put us back.

We’ve all been enjoying the grass, too. It’s good in places, and Mam moves the runs around enough so that we get some fresh place to eat. She’s been trying to get something technical fixed up for tunnels from the new run or something, but she’s lost a tool she needs and the other one doesn’t work. That’s what she told me. I have no idea what she’s talking about.

Mams, who knows what they get up to? Who even understands them? I try my best, but sometimes, she’s just too hard to fathom.

Till next time, as Biggles will probably be here next week, since he’s pretty much fully recovered,


Roscoe xxxxx

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  1. Victoria Zigler

    I’m glad the meds are helping you. Poor Neville… I hope the vet can get him on something that helps him too. Great news about Biggles improving, and about Ludo starting to be a bit more adventurous. Squeak soon, Mollie

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