On being a rescue pig

My brother Fred and I came to mummy from a guinea pig rescue.  I don’t remember much about it, but there was me and Fred and some others and we had to be taken from our birth mummy and put with some nice kind people when we were very little, then mummy came along and brought us home when we were six weeks old.

Hugo and Victor came to mummy on a very snowy day in November.  She had told us about these new piggies and how they had lost their home and they were coming to live with us.  She had moved our cage and put the spare one next to it, that was supposed to be our holiday home as it would fit in the car.  As we hadn’t used it she said some other piggies deserved a good home and we had room for them, so why not.  And so Hugo and Victor came to stay with us.  They are very noisy neighbours at times, but Hugo is very good at listening for the door and wheeking to telling mummy he wants some food!  We tend to wait till she comes along with something, because she usually does, then take it politely from her.  Hugo, oh no, he hangs out of the cage wheeking as if mummy is going to forget him.  She wouldnt do that!

The other day Auntie Vikki, who rescued Hugo and Victor, found some more piggies that needed rescuing.  Unfortunately one of them died soon after Vikki made this video to show what can happen to piggies who are kept by uncaring people in order to supply pet shops.  It’s got some horrid pictures on it, so beware… you can watch it here.

I’d like to thank all the nice kind people who rescue piggies, and all those that rehome piggies like my mummy did.  If you have a choice between a pet shop pig and a rescue pig – why not go for the rescued one?  You might get someone as cute as Fred and me 🙂

Vikki’s Norfolk rescue is here  and a good place to look for piggies anywhere in the UK is here.

One thought on “On being a rescue pig

  1. Dawn

    “Hugo, oh no, he hangs out of the cage wheeking as if mummy is going to forget him. ”

    OMG, that is just like Mariusz! They are one and the same pig, I’d swear it.

    Please thank your Auntie for creating the video. However, I know it will upset me, so I won’t watch it.

    Love ya, G.


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