Equal night and day time

After Auntie Dawn hinted to look up Galileo after my Think Piece on The Moon, I began to understand something else I had been considering, namely why the night is the same length as the day twice a year.  Coincidentally, my piece last week about The Moon was at the autumn version of this “Equinox” as it is called.  I am going to cheat a bit and, by the magic of blogging, set this post to be published at the Spring Equinox. Continue reading “Equal night and day time”


Remembering George

It’s six months today since Georgie died.  That’s six of your months, it’s the equivalent of seven years in my lifespan.  Its a long time in anyone’s language.  The leaves have all turned gold and brown, or fallen off the trees already and winter is coming.  We used to cuddle up to each other in winter.  Well we’d cuddle up anytime we felt like a bit of company or warmth, to be fair. Continue reading “Remembering George”

Cuddles and stuff

We’ve just had a lovely evening with mummy being cuddled and watching scarey movies on the box in the corner.  I dont really like scarey movies but Mummy hid my eyes from the scariest bits, and the music was nice.  It was all about animals at the north pole, or the south pole and how they got through the summer.  The scariest ones were the snowy owls because they ate lemmings which looked small and furry and very much like us! Continue reading “Cuddles and stuff”

The case of the disappearing stories

The reason why Mummy went to London yesterday was to go to a workshop to find out more about getting her stories about us published.  She said that she got really encouraged by it all until the last session which left her feeling really depressed.  Anyway there are a number of things she needs to do to our stories including taking them off here as they are going to be edited so they won’t be the same as these versions.  Depending on what she does about publishing them, they may go on her authoring website instead, but I’ll keep you posted on that. Continue reading “The case of the disappearing stories”

The radio has turned itself on

The radio usually turns itself on in the morning but it didn’t this morning and I wondered why not.  Mummy has gone to London for a workshop for writers.  She’s trying to learn more about how to get our stories published.  Although I know she’s working on trying to make them light the fire.  I’m not sure why, but she says she’s making them ready for kindle and when I don’t know words I look them up here and it says kindle is about lighting fires, so I don’t know what Mummy’s up to, but then there’s nothing new there.

Anyway the radio has come on now.  Even though it’s dark as in evening dark, not morning dark (when it was coming on till mummy changed the clocks).  It’s all very confusing.  I’ll just eat this carrot she hid under the hay. Mmm there are some herbs here too.  And the hay carrot Auntie Dawn gave us. Yummy.