Auntie Doris with Bertie

Our visitors came to see us

Hello! I had a very exciting day yesterday.

Uncle Bob and Auntie Doris came to see us. I didn’t know them before that, but I do now. Mummy has known them a long time, and they’ve known most of the other pigs in George’s Guinea Pig World, but not personally. We’re the only ones they’ve ever held and stroked.

It was extra exciting because they breed and show guinea pigs, and they told Mummy what our breed was most likely to be. And Auntie Doris said Mummy could show me! I am very beautiful. Well, of course you know that. My face markings aren’t perfect (I have streaks in them) but I have a good coat and I am a nice shape. Mummy says I have grown in the last two weeks and my head has caught up with my body. I now have a proper boar shape, according to her.

I expect you agree with all that.

Auntie Doris was very taken with Roscoe. She thinks he’s smart. He might be part Dalmatian as he has a spot in the right place on his head, and he also has some Sheltie in him. She also says he has one blue eye and one brown one, which is why Mummy has been thinking his eyes aren’t the same shape. His brown eye is the one in his ginger patch and the blue eye is the one on the white side.

Neville is mainly Peruvian, probably with some Abyssinian as he has too many coronets. And Biggles is definitely descended from a Rex. That means I’m definitely descended from a Rex too, as we are litter brothers. Rex means king, so as I thought, we are royalty.

We had nice cuddles with Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob as you can see here. I liked Uncle Bob’s beard. I like Uncle Bob and Auntie Doris very much and I hope they come back again soon.

Kevin interviews Auntie Doris

It’s me, Kevin, again.  Today I’m very honoured to be interviewing Auntie Doris.  She lives in a county called Kent which is where my Mummy’s Mummy came from.  It’s complicated.

Anyway, I asked Auntie Doris first off  “Who are your guinea pigs and what are their favourite things?” and she gave me a huge long list:

  • Neptune  – Being red
  • Roger (Flapjack) – Chilling
  • Brendan – Carrots
  • Summerboy – Auntie Debbie (Pig sitter)
  • Baldrick – Human huggies
  • Blackbird II – Hairless fwends
  • Orinoko – Not having cream put on
  • Toby – Eating with my fwend
  • Wally – Playing hide and seek – the hiding part
  • HB – Playing hide and seek – the seeking part
  • George – Corn and Fennell (not necessarily in that order!), boating.
  • Charlie – Sleeping next to my Daddy (George), boating.
  • Cappachino – Popcorning, hiding
  • Lucas-Buckmore – Standing on Cappa’s head
  • Dorkiss – being with my Mum and ¾ sister
  • Harrier – chilling (she is old)
  • Eden – Hanging out with the girls
  • Fern Popcorning in all directions
  • Starburst – Hiding from brushes on clean out day
  • Juno – Looking grumpy even though she isn’t
  • Cleo – Hairdressing
  • Nymrod – Lettuce
  • Xanadu – Sleeping
  • Maddison – Eva
  • Eva – Shows
  • Greta – Having the messiest hair ever

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I wonder what a holiday is

I had a holiday last week.  Well, I didn’t, I just had a day off.  Well, I really just forgot.  Thank you, Kevin, for posting for me on Tuesday.

Our mate George, Werewolf George, that is, not Our George (who isn’t here any more, but who made this site), has been giving updates on his holiday over at Rodents With Attitude.  It sounds amazing, wonderful and terrible, all at the same time. Continue reading “I wonder what a holiday is”


I’ve never met him, but Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob have a piggy called Xanadu.  This is him with his friend Nighthawk.

Xanadu and Nighthawk

He’s a Rex breed, like Oscar and Midge (although he’s not related, I don’t think).  He’s also a Himalayan marked pig.  Auntie Doris says he takes after his himmy side more than his rex side, because rexes are laid back and himmies are nuts.  She does!  this is what she said:

“All himmies are nuts. Longhaired, short haired, skinny, they are all nuts, having had experience of keeping Short haired versions and the skinny versions, and have met several longhaired versions. Black himmies seem to be more nuts that Chocolate himmies, but chocolate ones are still a bit nuts”

Well, you can see what I said about Lupin-Buckmore and he was a himmy too!

It’s funny, though.  She says rexes being laid back, but Oscar and Midge are anything but.  They’re real troublemakers.  Mummy says they just want to make friends and have fun (but not with each other).  I wish they were a bit more laid back.

Norman and Nimrod

Norman and Nimrod both belonged to Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob.

 photo IMG_3107_zps4ab38c2e.jpg

Norman was a funny looking chap – he didn’t have any hair!  They called him a ‘skinny pig’ and apparently it’s quite normal, he wasn’t ill or anything.  Mummy says there are lots of animals that normally have hair that now have strains that have none.  It’s evolution in action, or something.  She says Fred would have understood, but I don’t, and I don’t really care.  Norman looks funny until you get used to him, and then you find out he’s a really nice chap.  He had a son called George, who’s in the picture with him, and he had a son with Glory, and she’s the daughter of Blackbird.  It all gets terribly complicated at Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob’s house.

Nimrod was there too.  She was a long-haired Himmy (like Lupin-Buckmore), with a dark smudge on her nose, ears and feet.  Mummy asked Auntie Doris why she had a man’s name, since in Greek mythology Nimrod was the Hunter.  Auntie Doris says Nimrod is named after a plane, and it had a black nose too.  Ah! That all makes sense now.  I think.

 photo 008-28.jpg

Nimrod won lots and lots of prizes at shows.  She was very beautiful.  Mummy put her in the books as the wise and beautiful Lady Nimrod from Buckmore.  She’s very clever too, and has a small but essential part in lots of the books.

Jasmine, Jemima and Jersey – and Jupiter

Mostly we’ve been talking about real guinea pigs that Kevin and I know, or know about through family history or our underground network.  A lot of the time they are also characters in our Mummy’s books.  She’s Jemima Pett, and the books are the Princelings of the East series.  And, surprisingly since there are so many names beginning with J, including Jemima, there doesn’t seem to be a character with a name starting with J.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.19.04

Oh yes there is, says Mummy, there’s Jupiter of Jupiter’s bar, the famous hostelry at Castle Buckmore, who moves to Castle Marsh and becomes an important person there.

Oh.  Sorry, Mummy, I didn’t realise.  And Jupiter is based on one of Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob’s piggies.  Although he’s a he, not a she.  Jupiter is a God in Greek mythology.  Why would Jupiter be a female piggy in the stories?

Why would Nimrod be a female? asks Mummy, but she’s named after Uncle Bob and Auntie Doris’ female piggy…

Oh, this is all very complicated.

Well, Jasmine is a character who hasn’t got a guinea pig named for her… yet.  She will appear in a big role in the last book, although she’s already been mentioned in Bravo Victor because she’s King Fred and Queen Kira’s daughter!

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.13.40

And the only other J I want to mention is Jersey, because that’s where I was born.  It’s an island in the English Channel, and it’s very nice with sandy beaches and rolling hills and a castle the Princelings would like.  And I was very grateful to Auntie Kate for rescuing me and introducing me to Colman.  But now my mummy is Jemima, and that begins with a J.