We’ve been busy this week

Way-aye, Roscoe here.

I was going to tell you so many things about our week, but now I’ve forgotten most of them. The two most important are these:

Mam and I discussed the blog, and decided to invite Biggles to join me as co-presenter. He said yes, as long as I showed him what to do, so I’m showing him right now.

It’s a good one to show him because we have NEW PHOTOS!

Yes we had our Christmas Photoshoot yesterday. I thought it was going to be really boring at first. Mam took me through to the other room where we have our cuddles, and gave me a brush to make my coat look good. Then she sat me down on the red towel, which had been specially washed. And there was a spotlight all set up, and decorations around the set, and it looked really nice.

Then I thought, oh no, it’s the silly hat again. But she fooled me and took the first photos without it. There’s one of my best side with me looking really cool.

Roscoe Nov 2020

Then she brought Nev in, and we did the joint silly hats thing. Nev doesnt mind, but I threw mine off eventually. Mam said it was the best one of Neville, so she’s cropped my blurred image out of it. Sounds good to me.

Then Biggles came to join us. Do you want to do this bit?

Okay then. Yes, I came to join them, but I didn’t do hats till later, because there are only two hats, I think. Mummy took a nice photo of the three of us under the wreath. Then Mummy went and got the two new boys.

Neville, Roscoe and Biggles, Nov 2020

Yes, Ludo and Locksley. She had a right time with them, because she wanted to bring them in their box. We could hear her talking to them, I think Locksley jumped out and tried to hide away.

Ludo said he thought if they went in the box they were going back to the rescue. But they didn’t.

Ah, I see that. Not a silly thought, really. They’ve probably been here about the time they were in foster, so he thought he’d be on the move again. Well, they got moved all the way to the front room. I reckon Mam wanted to make sure she could put them somewhere safe if there was any trouble.

Do you think she was surprised we all got on so well?

I think she was delighted. She was really pleased with the photos she took, and said we, that’s you and me, did very well at getting them to sit nicely.

Yes, you calmed Ludo down well, and Locksley needed just a little bit of encouragement to come out of the corner and sit with us.

They’re nice boys, very polite. And then we came back to our run.

Have you noticed how hairy Locksley’s getting? He’s got longer hair than me. Oh, then I stayed and had my hat photo taken, and then Ludo and Locksley had their hat photo taken. What does Mummy do with the photos?

We’ll put them on here at Christmas time. She says I can post these ones today though.

I was going to tell you about the rest of the week but I can’t remember what happened now. Oh, Neville had his hair cut. Mam talked on the phone a lot, or to the computer. I can’t remember what it was about. Maybe one of us will tell you next week.

Have a good week yourself,


Roscoe xxxxx

and Biggles

Yes, and Biggles.

What happens now?

We put the photos in, and then we set it up to get published. Watch carefully, you’ll be doing it next week.

Just another November week

Way-aye, Roscoe here. It’s still November.

We had plenty more wild wind and rain beating on our house and windows this week. But we also had two really nice days. On one of them the builders came back to fix the summerhouse roof. Well, they arrived when it was still raining, but it got sunny just about as they were thoroughly wet. It meant the summerhouse roof got fixed, and shouldn’t ever leak again.

Our hay is still in the spare room, where it got nice and dry. Mam said it’s not going in the summerhouse until it looks really dry in there. I hope it’s ready by the time Uncle James comes to stay otherwise he’ll have to sleep with the hay boxes! I’m sure Mam wouldn’t make him do that, though.

We’ve got a HayBox delivery coming tomorrow. It’s worked really well having it every five weeks, as we’ve just about finished this last box, but not quite. Mam’s been taking photos of us enjoying our hay to send to them. I think they like putting pictures of happy customers on their website.

Another website you might find photos of us on, is Ani’s blog ‘A Small Dog: Life at the Tail End.‘ Mam’s added her to our list at the side, so we can visit her easily. Ani’s doing something called an Advent Calendar, and I’ve written a blog post about us for her. Mostly about our amazing year and all the problems we’ve had with moving and Bertie and everything. I hope people enjoy reading it. But Ani’s blogging about her amazing Mam and the troubles she’s having at the moment. I hope nothing like that happens to our Mam.

We’re lucky we’re all settled now, although war broke out last night because Ludo was still contemplating his piece of cucumber when Locksley came round and stole it from him! Well, it wasn’t really war, Ludo was pretty upset and chased him a bit, but Mam took it off Locksley and gave it back to Ludo. I don’t know whether he ever finished it, though.

Mam says Ludo isn’t the most eager guinea pig she’s ever known, but she reckons he does like cucumber. Just takes his time in taking it from her. Once he takes his first piece in the morning, though, he doesn’t waste any time taking the second or third.

I think that’s about it. No idea why we had fireworks again on Saturday and Sunday. Mam was a bit cross about it. But there’s nothing to be done, and they weren’t those ones that just go bang…bang… bang which we used to hear in Norfolk. These go whoosh crackle crackle, and only sometimes go bang. I hope those are the last of them till Christmas.

We’re having our Christmas photos taken soon. It’s earlier than usual because one of the pictures has to go to Ani to go with my blog post. Maybe I’ll be able to give you a preview next week!

Till then, keep safe, love

Roscoe xxxxx

Say hello to Ludo and Locksley!

Way-aye, Roscoe here! And I’m all happy and excited (and wet as I had Spot-on behind my ears to make sure I didn’t have any itchers itching me.)

We have new boys! Now we are Five!

I’m going to get Mam to tell you more about them, because I don’t understand what she’s saying. It can’t be right. And if she says it, you’ll know I haven’t made it up.

I meant to interview Mam with your questions, but I’ll do that another time.

So, Mam went out on Wednesday and came home on Thursday with Ludo and Locksley. Ludo is the baby. No, that’s wrong. Locksley is the baby. In a strange twist, they are named after characters in her Princelings books. The rest of us have characters in her Princelings books named after us. Even Neville and me. We’re in the new one coming out on Thursday. You can buy it on special offer until mid-October.

Mam with Locksley and Ludo in their tunnel. Nev and I are eating hay in the background


Ludo is a black and white (with a tan splash on his behind) smooth-haired guinea pig. He’s about eighteen months old. How do you know that?


“He’s got very fine nails, Roscoe. Your nails were already quite thick when you came to me, so I knew you were well over two years old. Ludo is definitely less than two, and from his size Auntie Sophie and I think he’s closer to one year old than two.”

Okay. How did he come to be in rescue? I didn’t understand what you said about a hutch.

“I’m not sure I understand either. Sophie told me that someone had bought a hutch from a person locally, through an ad online or in a paper, and when she got it home she discovered a guinea pig in it. They contacted the hutch’s former owner, who said they didn’t want it. They only have sows, so the piggy, who they called Boris, came to Sophie’s and he’s been there about a month or two.”

So was he all wild? Had they just ignored him for ages?

“I don’t know. It’s something I’d like to ask, too. He looks very well now, and not skinny at all, although he’s quite light (1 kg), but that’s probably because he’s still young.”

It explains why he’s so scared, though. Mam agrees with me. She’s noticed in particular he’s scared of things moving above him. She thinks he’s suffering from agora-fobia because he’s only been in dark hutches for most of his life. So far he mainly stays in his snuggle tunnel, but Neville does that, too.

But once she’s picked him up he’s okay, and sat nicely for his first red towel photo. He’s got very good silky hair and he’s very smart-looking. He rumbled at me through the bars though. I thought he was probably nervous, so I just smiled politely and chatted back quietly, like Mam does.


Mam said she thought he was grey and maybe he’ll turn out to be a Rex and look like Biggles. But today she thought he was a slate and might have longer softer hair. He’s full of beans and doing everything a baby should, including giving her a look that reminded her of Dylan when he was the same age. Oops. Can we cope with another Dylan?


He was born in the wild and came into rescue when he was just a few days old, along with his mam, brother and sisters. Mam says he’s entirely normal for his age.

That means trouble, I reckon.

“Yes, but only of the good kind.”

If you say so, Mam.

So that’s our new boys, and it’s really nice to have them living next door, even if they’re very quiet at the moment. Well, Ludo’s quiet. Locksley is constantly squeaking when he’s investigating the cage and popcorning. Ludo popcorned in the evening, so he must be settling in. But mostly they hide in their tunnel.

Come to think of it, they sit side by side in that tunnel. Even Bertie filled it completely, and he was not as big as me.

I’ll update you next week. Bye for now…

Roscoe xxxxx

Garden party and good news

Way-aye, Roscoe here again.

We had our party on Tuesday and it was nice and sunny! Here are the photos of our new present, and the party itself.

Neville found a butterfly

Isn’t that a nice photo Mam got of Neville and the butterfly? Mam says it’s called a Red Admiral. Ahoy there, Red!

As you can tell, we had a good time. A grassy tunnel in the morning, to replace the one we’d eaten all the grass off long ago. Then in the afternoon, out in the not-too-hot sunshine, eating cake and wandering around the grass. The cake is made of mashed pellets, with added thyme and oregano, and decorated with cucumber pieces. It’s yummy!

Mam said she’s not used to making just one cake, and she automatically made enough for two. She’s put the other one in the freezer. She doesn’t know if pigs can eat defrosted pellet cake, but still.

Altogether it’s been a good week. Some nights we couldn’t sleep for the wind in the trees, and the rain on the roof, and neither could Mam.

A man came to fix the doors on the summerhouse, because they were collapsing. He didn’t mind working outside in all the winds we had. He made lots of nasty noises with something called a sander, or a saw. But the doors won’t break completely now; Mam said they were falling to pieces.

Mam put us out for a bit on Saturday before he left. It was still windy, but it had stopped raining and the ground was dry. And we inspected the doors and they look great!

But the really good news is that Mam spoke to Auntie Anna, who’s the new Sophie, and sorted out something that was a Misunderstanding. So Auntie Anna is visiting later this week, and then Mam can go over and select her new piggies! We can’t wait, but then, neither can Mam. And yet we’ve been waiting for months. Three and a half months, to be exact, since Bertie died. We miss him.

See you next week. And thank you for the extra questions. I’ll use them later when the news gets slow again. Keep them coming!


Roscoe xxx

We’re having a party!

Way-aye, Roscoe here again. Some good news for a change. It’s not my teeth, and we’re having a party.

Teeth? Yes, Mam thought I might be under the weather because my teeth were bad. She put her little finger in my mouth to feel them and said she thought the top ones were touching. I didn’t know what she meant. I realised yesterday when she put me in that straitjacket thing again, and put the horrid wires in my mouth, that she meant she wanted to look at my teeth and clip them if necessary. Well, she discovered my top teeth were so far apart she hadn’t felt both of them! And the bottom ones are fine too. So although my top front teeth are getting a little long, she says it’s not worth worrying at present.

So that’s good!

George Fred lavender cucumber birthday
George and Fred with cucumber & lavender birthday cake

Party time! We’re having a party tomorrow or Wednesday if it’s too wet. Mam says it is supposed to be wet again tomorrow but that might change.

Seems to me that every time she says what tomorrow’s going to do it’s always better, or worse, but never just like she says it. That hot weather finally stopped on Wednesday, and we had a thunderstorm. It wasn’t a really flashy, noisy one, although it did rumble a lot. Since then it’s been cooler and wet. Mam’s been out in the garden doing things whenever it’s not actually raining. She brought us some long wet grass on Saturday, which was disgusting. I think she got the message.

The Party!! Yes, the party is because it’s three years since Nev and I came down from Newcastle. Well, to Norfolk, not to here. I have to say, we like living with Mam. She doesn’t always get it right, but she tries. And we’re having a party because nobody knows when our birthdays are, not even us. And Biggles gets a party on his birthday.

Biggles leads Neville to his own cake

Mam seemed sad a lot last week, and she said she missed Bertie, and the longer we have an empty run, the more she misses him. The only answer is for the new piggies to come, and she doesn’t know why the rescue lady hasn’t let her have them yet.

I don’t know either, but I’m glad Mam is working on it. I miss having Bertie too. We need that run filled up with some new piggies. I want company!

Thank you for your questions. I’m hoping Mollie and Auntie Tori might think of some this week, and anyone else is welcome to give more. Auntie Noelle’s question is hard to answer because we’re all very quiet really, we chat to Mam, but don’t need to yell for food or anything rude like that. She’s very attentive to our needs. And she knows when we’re Looking at her, too!

See you nect week


Roscoe xxx

Roscoe rests after his run

Nothing’s happened

Way-aye, Roscoe here.

Nothing happened last week.

Well, it rained a bit, then we went out the next day when it was dry, but it wasn’t too hot, so that was nice. Same old, same old. It rained today, too.

Mam said I hadn’t posted and I said there was nothing to say.

She agreed, but suggested I post something anyway, because you might worry. Especially as I’d had that medicine last week. I didn’t really need it, but it was nice anyway. Mam says sometimes her aches and pains are like that. Something and nothing.

So, we’re all fine, and nothing’s happened. Maybe this week will be more exciting.


Roscoe xxx