Kevin interviews Auntie Doris

It’s me, Kevin, again.  Today I’m very honoured to be interviewing Auntie Doris.  She lives in a county called Kent which is where my Mummy’s Mummy came from.  It’s complicated.

Anyway, I asked Auntie Doris first off  “Who are your guinea pigs and what are their favourite things?” and she gave me a huge long list:

  • Neptune  – Being red
  • Roger (Flapjack) – Chilling
  • Brendan – Carrots
  • Summerboy – Auntie Debbie (Pig sitter)
  • Baldrick – Human huggies
  • Blackbird II – Hairless fwends
  • Orinoko – Not having cream put on
  • Toby – Eating with my fwend
  • Wally – Playing hide and seek – the hiding part
  • HB – Playing hide and seek – the seeking part
  • George – Corn and Fennell (not necessarily in that order!), boating.
  • Charlie – Sleeping next to my Daddy (George), boating.
  • Cappachino – Popcorning, hiding
  • Lucas-Buckmore – Standing on Cappa’s head
  • Dorkiss – being with my Mum and ¾ sister
  • Harrier – chilling (she is old)
  • Eden – Hanging out with the girls
  • Fern Popcorning in all directions
  • Starburst – Hiding from brushes on clean out day
  • Juno – Looking grumpy even though she isn’t
  • Cleo – Hairdressing
  • Nymrod – Lettuce
  • Xanadu – Sleeping
  • Maddison – Eva
  • Eva – Shows
  • Greta – Having the messiest hair ever

Lupin and Baden
Lupin and Baden

Gosh, that’s a lot of piggies, Auntie.  And I know Mummy has others that were yours in her books.  Like, Lupin-Buckmore, Nimrod, Blackbird, Baden, Kira, and probably lots more I don’t know about.

Why did you become a guinea pig slave?

Bob (my husband) was having stress issues at work, so we wanted a pet he could stroke as I had read that stroking an animal can lower stress levels. We went to a pet shop, and there was this one Guinea Pig on his own. He had been bitten by a rabbit, we bought him, took him home and called him Harry. The rest they say is history.

Aw.  Oh, Harry, he’s in Mummy’s books.  There are lots of Harrys.  (Mummy says you had three Harrys, and she’s only put two in her books.)  And Uncle Bob isnt stressed any more?  That’s good.  I’d like to interview Uncle Bob, too.

What’s your favourite thing about being a GP slave?

Having them greet me when I come home.

He-hee, that must be a very loud noise when you come home.  Although I greet Mummy by coming over to her, not wheeking at her.  

Blackbird and Glory
Glory and Blackbird

What favourite memories do you have of your guinea pigs?

The night before Glory died (suddenly) I bathed and prepared her for a show. She sat in the basin, and we had a lovely girly time. Little did I know that within 12 hours she’d be gone.

Blackbird the first, at a horticultural show, climbed off a human child who was sitting on my lap because he needed a pee. Everyone at the time thought it was hilarious, I thought it was very considerate only peeing on a human he knew.

Oh, that’s so sad about Glory.  Mummy told us she’d gone and Mummy was upset too.  She’s in Humphrey’s book, I nearly forgot to tell you.  Blackbird is so polite.  I know what he means.  

Tell us a secret that we promise not share with anyone except readers of the blog

At a show once, a judge said that Harry (the first) had static mite. Bob overheard this, and came out of the show hall, muttering that Harry did not have static, it was rather spectacular. I was standing with another Cavy slave Naomi at the time, and she had never witnessed Bob loose his rag till then. This is now known as “Static Rage”.

LOL! That is funny!  Static Rage 😀  

Well, thank you very much for talking to me, Auntie Doris.  I hope you come to see us and bring your boat.  Mwah!

4 thoughts on “Kevin interviews Auntie Doris

  1. Jemima Pett

    Baden always reminds me of George, and of Colman (the real ones). He was an excellent choice for steward of Buckmore 🙂


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Uncle Bob is such a gentle soul. It’s hard for me to imagine him “losing his rag” (must be a British expression).

    I wonder if Auntie and Uncle have ever counted all the pigs they’ve ever owned. Must be near 100.

    Good interview, Kev. XO


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